MOSDEX Launches 200,000USDT bounty program for content writers. Here’s how you can participate


MOSDEX lets you earn through arbitrage trading. You probably know about this already and have interacted with the platform too. But now, here’s another opportunity to earn from MOSDEX. The MOSDEX bounty program is live and more promising than you ever expected! 200,000 USDT in total rewards and you can earn a good percentage of the total bounty pool!

You certainly wish to know more, so let’s get to this already!

To spread the word about MOSDEX faster and also reward faithful users in the same vein, MOSDEX, through the bounty program will be giving away prizes in USDT to the cryptocurrency community.

Rewards will be distributed to any eligible participant who completes the required tasks for the program.

So, what are the requirements to participate?

The bounty program is open to anyone who has an active account on MOSDEX. An active account must have some funds staked to the arbitrage protocol. An active MOSDEX account is the only eligibility criterion.

Don’t have an account yet? Click here to create one!

How to participate.

To earn rewards through the MOSDEX bounty, each participant must publish at least two articles about MOSDEX. The topic can be based on any educational or promotional information about MOSDEX.

Looking for inspiration? Check this page out.

The article must be over 50 words. Articles must be published on any social media or blogging platform (such as Medium, Publish0x, Steem, Hive, Hackernoon, read. Cash, etc.)

*Note that submitted contents must be plagiarism-free. *

Plagiarized content might lead to disqualification.

Include a screenshot of your MOSDEX staking position in two of your articles.

Not yet staked? Click here to get a MOSDEX account and receive a 30USDT registration bonus. Bonus can be staked.

How to Submit.

Write your article, proofread, publish, and then head over to submit and receive your reward!

Submit your content by clicking on this Google form.

Enter your details and links to articles in the provided spaces.

Complete the process by submitting the form.


Rewards for participating in the Bounty program depend on the quality of content submitted.

Excellent contents will receive 500USDT in rewards

Very good articles will receive 100 USDT in rewards.

Tip: including tutorial videos in your contents improves your chances of earning maximum rewards.

Average articles will receive 50 USDT

Normal contents will receive 20 USDT.

Poorly written or Plagiarized content will not be rewarded.

Note that the MOSDEX team reserves the right to rate these articles and withhold rewards if the content is plagiarized.

Payments will be sent once the team reviews the article.


The bounty program reward pool is pegged at 200,000 USDT. The program remains valid as long as there are funds in the pool.


MOSDEX is a tool that helps traders maximize their profits through arbitrage trading while minimizing the hassles they go through to bring this to fruition. MOSDEX is designed to serve minimalist and institutional investors all in one like.

MOSDEX incorporates the services of independent protocols, products, and algorithms to deliver a solution like this. These entities work in synergy to deliver an efficient tool for every investor who craves a better way to run cryptocurrency trades.

MOSDEX’s Arbitrage protocol collates the trading prices of an asset across different exchanges and compares them. It detects the difference between the prices of the asset on these trading platforms and swiftly trades the arbitrage by buying on the cheaper exchange and selling on the costlier exchange.

It is built to seamlessly traverse between exchanges and employs profit management strategies to ensure that every trade is completed with a net profit. The Arbitrage protocol works on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.