Snack Talk: The Gobsmack!

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Cryptocurrency Scripts
4 min readOct 13, 2023


Hey guys! Yeah…’guys’ does really sound chauvinistic but I’m sure everyone understands. Anyways, shitposting isn’t really my thing and this ‘Snack talk’ thing is a literal shitpost. Like two beer lovers discussing their favorite brand, a better example is two memecoin investors discussing the ‘utility’ of their cat-themed memecoins. Cat-themed memecoins don’t really do so well, relative to the doggy ones, but I get it…we all do.

Alright, I named this one ‘The Gobsmacked’ and I must say I’m gobsmacked by a lot of things. First, uptober doesn’t seem to be turning out great and the charts are looking like it’s Halloween already. Someone played MJ’s thriller on the bus today. Noisy, but that’s exactly what the whole market sounds like. I could go on with the second but if the charts continue this way then Christmas might be in jeopardy. But it doesn’t matter, we are here for the technology anyway. I said ‘we’ like we are not all waiting for the next earndrop so we can ‘cash out’.

Speaking about earndrops, I did claim a few $TIA from the Celestia airdrop. You can check your eligibility here too. Celestia is working on a couple of things that could become useful for the whole space. A bit excited to hold a (little) stake. Anyway, that’s it with the brief commercial.

JP Morgan just launched a tokenized collateral network, that should come second on my list but, then, these guys have been all around crypto and always trying to come in in their own way. Not sure this is the best way to make a dive into the space, but maybe I’m overreacting to an asset-creation platform.

By the way, if you’ve been following the court hearing for SBF and the FTX guys, you should be astonished…’ gobsmack’ is the word of the day. I forgot. Couple of impressive incomes in those lists from Caroline. Not sure which is more lucrative, Sports, Music, or running a crypto-trading platform. If every exchange operator earns that much, then the latter wins, hand-off. If you haven’t been paying attention, this is the second one on my list.

The third one? This snack of course! I wouldn’t be here after 70 days to write another snack-time talk story if I didn’t find a befitting snack. No need to dwell on that, I came across the whitepaper for BitVM. The Bitcoin blockchain could run smart contracts in the near future. Safe to say that even Bitcoin now copies Ethereum. No jokes on the team working on this impressive development, just saying that Bitcoin has spent a majority of its lifetime being compared to Gold. If it finally turns into another virtual machine, then it will spend another decade being compared to Solana, Taraxa, and Polygon, I left out Fantom…another cool EVM network! But technology is about finding out, sorry, that’s science. Never mind, I own up to that statement.

Deploying memecoins on the Bitcoin network would have been historic, but BRC-20 tokens already did that and suddenly no one talks about them. Not sure why they faded so quickly. Big guess, The Bitcoin blockchain was built to support P2P BITCOIN transfers and not inscriptions. Ethereum and all of its offspring were built for this. And if you think Bitcoin running smart contracts will kill off other smart contract blockchains, just remember the same was said about BRC-20. Too early to call it, but this is where we are headed.

I would have loved to put a word out for everyone getting a 10% refund on their failed NFT investments but I never got a refund from the handful of rug-pulls myself and other memecoin investors had to go through. So, if Logan Paul finally sends your 10% Cryptozoo investment back to you, then you should consider buying a good snack and some Sprite. Project literally sound like a straight scam, but that’s how most rugpulls sound. Cool name projects pull the rug equally, don’t judge a book by its cover, this doesn’t apply to your Algebra textbooks though.

Time to drop the keyboard, just took the last bite and it is not certain when the next snack talk stuff will drop. Judging from the current trend, Q1 2024 is very likely. Maybe Bitcoin will be back above $30K then. If the ETFs finally land, then sure, we can be positive. Yeah, that’s it …guys.

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