Snack Talk: The Green Tea

Cryptocurrency Scripts
Cryptocurrency Scripts
4 min readFeb 2, 2024

Green Tea doesn’t always taste nice and this might be reflected in this episode. Picking it for this episode was so random, but that’s just how the whole crypto space is. We were promised a bullrun immediately the Bitcoin ETFs are approved. Not all promises get satisfied, and this one has successfully joined the list. I mean; I already planned my first payment on a gently used 2001 Honda Civic, but by the look of things, I might just get a 1998 Panda. Now I said that with much positivity. Considering that Grayscale still has thousands of GBTC waiting to be sold, the public bus service might still be all I have. I had to personalize this because anyone shorting the hell out of the whole space should be on that Lambo dream.

Alright, shake that off, we might still get the Bulls this year. It’s a halving year and some guys just made over $100 million from that XRP hack. If they put all the money in memecoins, we might just get many 100Xs and subsequently a bullrun. Dare to dream, huh? I’d get a Lambo before anything else, but I’m far from being a hacker.

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, the last time it happened, every ‘big’ crypto firm was all over the place. Safe to say we funded the Super Bowl that year. Coinbase, FTX,…even the Super Bowl committee must be mouth-gaped at how much money these ‘internet coin’ guys can cough out for a 4-minute advert. But that was before they learned that we buy naming rights to sports centers. No pun intended but you’d expect things to go left after all the rights we bought. This time will be different though, or I hope so.

For the third time in history, memecoins could rule another bullrun. The narratives will even be funnier this time. The good thing is, the NFT scams in the name of memecoins might not work this time. Good news, right? The rug pulls will still continue. And airdrop farmers couldn’t care less about a bullrun, it’s always raining free money in their space and every testnet can boast of hitting one million farmers…sorry users; within a month. Good to see how much difference the thoughts of making a couple of free hundreds could make for a project. A silver lining is the fact that projects are substituting private sales with the initial liquidity provided by the airdrop hype. Anyhow that money is made.

Heard the American government is selling off that Silk Road Bitcoin. Everyone seems to be hunting for that crypto money lately. Not sure what they intend to do with the money, but whenever anyone sells crypto for fiat, that Lambo dream comes to mind. The German government is seizing crypto too, this is what mass adoption looks like! The good news for this paragraph? FTX might just give you back all the money you kept on their platform before they closed the doors on everyone. Considering the amount of Bitcoin they dumped on the market recently, this should be doable.

DePIN, AI, fit in any other crypto narrative you have in mind. We are really advancing in technological terms. The surprising thing is how these projects have been in existence for years and just pick up pace when these narratives are carried by influencers. This why I hold memecoins in high esteem, they have been here for years (well, not most of them) and have managed to be a booming narrative throughout this time, especially the dog-themed ones. Not a huge fan of dogs but if that memecoin will bring in the 100X then we all love dogs. The higher the MC, the more loveable the dog breed becomes.

Alright, just to end this long screaming and go back to something more beneficial to society, I’d have loved to put some words in for everyone hustling for the Lambo money. But since Elon Musk called crypto a ‘hustle’ on SNL, things have never been the same. So, whether we go to the moon or remain here with the stars, it is important to have a place in your heart for the real technology and the real builders in this space…like Vitalik when he’s not on a Fashion show. True nerd, that one. Five more of that and we could be three steps closer to the Satoshi vision. But it’s fine, we are still good with all the Ben Armstrongs we have now. And Ben is ending his infamous crypto livestream. The only outcome is more enterprises like this rising to fame. All good, y’all stay safe.

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