Here’s why Acent will take the blockchain metaverse ecosystem by a storm in 2022

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11 min readFeb 28, 2022


Source: Acent Telegram. Your Earth’s Demo

Everywhere you go nowadays crypto crowds are talking about the metaverse. We have been looking for a well-hidden gem project so we can all get in early. We have used, experimented, tested driven all major projects such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Bloktopia and spend countless hours on them so you don’t have to. Honestly, we were disappointed to find that, despite all the hype, there was not much activity within the major ecosystems except depreciating NFTs sold at unreasonably outrageous prices and decreasing low monthly active users (MAUs). We have noticed that despite the fact that the keyword “metaverse” is gaining dominance, a lot of platform still needs to prove that they can deliver a genuine one. We feel like the real hidden gem that may rule them all is still out there and did our best to find and share it with you. We believe that Your Earth metaverse “service” on the Acent blockchain may be the opportunity we are looking for and here is why.

What is Your Earth and its ACE?

Your Earth is a high-performance, hyper-realism third-generation metaverse virtual reality service allowing users to experience NFT, P2E, and dApps tailored to both individual and business needs. Backed with Acent blockchain cryptocurrency and a web.3 Osiris browser, it poses as a unique innovative ecosystem.

On one hand, users can experience a new unique space where they can perform economic activities, enjoy interactions and create their own content. Undoubtedly, we think that this may have the potential to expand into a brand new evolutionary stage of the internet itself where users can have a more visually engaging and immersive experience.

Source: Google ‘’Ready Player One’’ image

On the other hand, businesses can shift their operation into the metaverse arena by creating, importing, and selling meta-assets, including but not limited to wearables, vehicles and others. According to our research, you can even create a game or an app inside or meta-applications inside the metaverse and charge fees; or launch video streaming Metatube to upscale your metaverse ‘’journey’’.

What are the major challenges in the metaverse?

In order to better understand the impact of metaverse projects, it is equally important to face and realize the industry challenges as well.

1. Technical limitations, including the inability to render high-quality graphical materials and achieve a top AR/VR immersive experience.

First of all, according to our experience even Decenterland did not have the ability to provide proper in-application publishing. Of course, to some degree, it is fun to go into Decentraland and run around in a ready-made space, but we had a hard time fighting off boredom.

It seems like their architecture is not capable of providing any significant activity for the user to perform as also illustrated by Xangle.They could not render high-quality graphics and for now, it is still unclear how they can build a sound business model. Without in-app publishing, users might feel ‘’trapped’’ in their ecosystem.

Source: Left official Decentraland image, right official image from Acent official Telegram channel

Secondly, is the slow speed of blockchain. Ethereum-based virtual worlds, such as Decentraland, are prone to be very slow simply because 1st generation blockchain networks are not really scalable. This has been the painful reality of all Ethereum users and developer communities. It seems like the Ethereum foundation will not be able to keep the already delayed promise of providing a good solution for this.

2. No matter how grandeur the metaverse paradigm is, closed source code projects pose bigger social threats. Centralized governance and privatized data sharing algorithms have proved to be a big disaster, resulting in massive damages to society as Edward Snowden and countless others have pointed out. We already know that centralized big tech giants are not as clean as they pose to be.

What makes the Acent blockchain groundbreaking when combined with the Your Earth metaverse service?

The project itself is very eye-grabbing at the first glance. There are many unique areas where Acent blockchain can really tap in and make it work for the users. Even though some of their projects are about to be completed or are in development stages, they are worth mentioning:

Source: Demo of meta service engine

1. Osiris unique web3 browser’s ODIN (Osiris Desktop application INterface) technology will be able to handle Steam-like capabilities. It can install, manage and render high-performance apps that are aligned with the quality of triple-A gaming products. ODIN will also support various independent (i.e. indie games) and high-end game development with improved graphics.

2. Full AR/VR support that provides an immersive and engaging experience.

3. Lower transaction fees provided by Acent blockchain. Unlike high Ethereum gas fees that are ripping users and developers off from USD 10 to USD 30 per transaction, Acent blockchain, according to their sources, will charge around 10 to 20 USD cents. This is definitely something to look forward to. If the team succeeds, it means the project is the real deal. On a grand scale, it is expected to appreciate the value of Acent crypto by organically infused user expansion and increase in transaction volumes.

4. Decentralized Governance provided by Your Earth. The project is set to grant voting and management power to users to create data feed rules, search engine algorithms and participate in future decision-making via its governance token. As a good blockchain project, they also seem to strive to create social good.

5. Open source. The company has already shared some of its codes and, according to the various unnamed sources, is further aiming to start sharing more codes on sensitive algorithms and to make them properly audited. This would be a tremendous thing to keep looking forward to.

6. Scalability issues are being addressed through its Steam-like ODIN, which is embedded in the Osiris web3 browser. According to their White Paper, the company is already in the final stages of going live with the OCEAN (Osiris Crypto Engine ACENT iNterface) which is a hybrid cryptocurrency transaction management protocol designed to address transaction processing and delay issues, especially for metaverse services. Additionally, more services mean more ACE usage that will facilitate for a higher token price.

7. Security. As the company claims, Acent ecosystem is very much protected by the never-been-hacked Osiris Web 3 browser and its built-in metawallet. In our opinion, this indeed is quite interesting to have a browser that does not require extension installations, such as Metamask or others. Experience would tell us that Google extensions are not the most secure method of providing wallet services.

8. NFTs on the Your Earth metaverse have functionalities and purpose. They are not limited to pure art, but also carry utility functionalities. Users can make a hat NFT or even create complicated teleportation modules and sell them. For instance, a user on Your Earth can easily make a teleportation module on his/her area. If you want your character to be able to visit something far away instantaneously, there has to be a teleportation portal connected to that location and you will have to pay a minimum usage fee of the portal. Let’s say you are in San Francisco and you would like to go to Seoul, you can easily do so through teleportation. This innovative feature will add transaction volume to Your Earth metaverse.

9. Sustainable Tokenomics. Every activity in the meta service is designed to increase the volume of transactions on the Acent Mainnet. Your Earth will provide a space for both businesses and individual users not only by creating digital assets and meta applications but also to sell them as NFTs. One can even create a simple table tennis to compete against other visitors, charge fees, and simply Play-To-Earn. The only imagination is the limit of what one can do in the metaverse. All in all, the Acent ecosystem is based on POSA architecture and therefore more fees and higher engagement will benefit Acent cryptocurrency owners directly or indirectly. What’s more interesting is that there are no taxes whatsoever and the fees will be shared with people in all layers of activities. For further details on Acent’s seemingly sustainable and appreciative economy, please follow the link.

Source: Acent Tokenomics from Acent official Telegram channel

10. Allow third-party applications and games to be launched on the DAPPX platform which is rendered on the Acent Blockchain. This opens doors to limitless possibilities for high-performance blockchain applications to be developed and consumed. Ultimately, this can allow big studio developer companies to join because they can use Unreal Engine 5, Unity, and triple-A title game engines as a developer tool.

Who are Your Earth’s competitors?

We have reviewed metaverse projects including Decentraland, Sandbox, and Bloktopia alongside Your Earth. There are many teams working on a variety of projects — all trying to compete for their share of the metaverse hype. However, even the top famous ones have tremendous weaknesses in graphics and are having very limited business models.

After tentative research, we have made some interesting revelations. Our team has found that Your Earth in many aspects will out shadow Sandbox and Decenterland, especially with its immersive graphics and business model. What we can see from their demo videos is that team is really striving to unitize Unreal Engine 5 to create a top-quality gaming experience.

Your Earth DAO comparison with Decentraland and Sandbox (Source: Official Acent Telegram)

As you can see from the comparison chart above, Your Earth has a few advantages. First, it is developing its own Acent Mainnet and has its own blockchain technology. Unlike Your Earth, other metaverse projects depend on other blockchains so they have no direct reward system. Additionally, we also have reviewed Osiris Browser which has its built-in multi-chain meta wallet. Osiris metawallet already has Ethereum and Tron networks and will probably add a few more in the future. In terms of security, we found that their wallet will guarantee higher protection, compared to Metamask. What is the best is that the team values openness and transparency and plans to promote open source. This is something unique considering that metaverse just emerged and there might be many areas where big companies can misuse information by being closed source. And last, but not the least, the graphics are super immersive and it really emerges as possibly one of the most entertaining metaverse games.

In the case of Sandbox and Decentraland, users are very much limited to what they can do. Indeed, they do feature ‘’ spaces’’ where people can interact with minimal “walk-around” and “placing items”, but there is still not much to do. Due to this massive limitation, many people are leaving those platforms. According to Xangle, Decentraland MAU is shockingly small 2,000 people. It is also because their tokenomics is proving to be not as sustainable or cannot provide value to the users as expected. After our deep research, we completely agree that Decentraland’s future direction is very unclear. Even though the number of monthly users is not that little, the concurrent user volume is somewhat insufficient to guarantee that the project can be sustainable. Recently, it seems that number of users is also decreasing, which according to our estimations has largely to do with its poor business model and tokenomics. In contrast to Decentraland and Sandbox, we also concluded that Your Earth’s business model is way more sustainable and their tokenomics is also very well established. When fully fledged Your Earth services commence, its users will surpass the volume of the Decentraland or Sandbox.

Another setback of Sandbox and Decentraland is that it does not have Steam-like capabilities to deploy its own applications. Your Earth creators are planning to address this issue through ODIN technology.

Finally, it is very important to outline that Your Earth has various business models. This adds to our analysis that it will catch up fast with the early first-generation attempts to create meta spaces like Decentraland or Sandbox. Your Earth may well become the next major player and its community is already growing fast. Your Earth provides more activities and fees that will be collected in the public ASAP (Acent Substance Accumulation Pool) distributed periodically to the Acent hodlers. Through a unique pledging system in the ASAP, users can further accumulate more Acent.

How can you benefit more from Your Earth?

Source: Imagefrom official Demo Video on Acent official Telegram channel

There are many ways you can benefit from Your Earth. Here is the shortlist we made for you:

1. Create and sell NFT assets. For example, you can open your brand store of luxury cars, or apartments or just sell shoes as NFTs. This will eventually allow your Acent cryptocurrency to be appreciated.

2. You can sit back and watch the ecosystem build and pledge in the Acent ASAP application and collect fees from the transactions processed on the Your Earth platform.

3. Full-scale businesses may emerge inside metaverse adding to the value of Acent. For instance, you can develop a metaverse social media application or a metaverse ads network service and launch it within Your Earth.

4. You can become a metaverse influencer. With mocap and VR technology being implemented from the architectural stage, Your Earth on the Acent blockchain will allow people to create their altered realities on the service. This creates an innovative content creator market and social media platform environment. This can dramatically increase the volume of Acent and DAPPX.

5. Triple-A titles may finally find their launching platform for cash frenzy NFTs and play to earn titles. All Play- To-Earn transactions are planned to be processed with the DAPPX token running on the Acent blockchain.


Source: Website

After careful considerations and comparisons, our team truly believes that Your Earth has all the requirements for being a completely decentralized metaverse service provider. Your Earth’s business model is very sustainable and it guarantees Acent blockchain and DAPPX transactions to increase dramatically. It is our prediction that ACE and DAPPX price eventually will ‘’go to the moon’’.

Subsequently, early Acent holders can consider themselves to be an early bird in the future cash party. Through ownership sharing smart contract called ASAP, Acent holder will be also getting paid as more transactions occur on the metaverse services.

There are multiple ways of participating in this exciting new service which may start looking like the next evolution of the internet itself. This means there will be new economic revitalization imminent in the Acent based metaverse space so stay focused and do not be left out.

Interested already?

To know more about Your Earth and always stay up to day, visit their website and Acent Telegram and DAPPX Telegram Channels!

If you are already interested into Your Earth’s in game currency ACE, head over Kucoin and!!!