Understand how an Ethereum address is created

In this story, we will analyze how to create an Ethereum address. For this, we will use NodeJS and the ethers package (https://docs.ethers.io/v5/).

What is an Ethereum address used for? It is used to :

  • Receive and send crypto-currency,
  • Sign and send transactions,
  • Connect to DApp.

If we make a parallel with the classical username/password authentication mechanisms, the Ethereum address would correspond to the username and the password to the private…




In the CryptoDevOps publication, Bruno Delb, DevOps coach, blockchain developer, and Cloud expert shares experiences and practices of DevOps applied to blockchain technologies.

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Bruno Delb

Bruno Delb

Blockchains, DevOps, Agile Coaching, development, testing, Cloud, Management 3.0, ITIL. It defines me.

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