Why I believe in and have invested in the Humble Luck Ball crypto project

Decentralization is at the heart of blockchains. However, there is a real danger. And that, the French company Humble Luck Ball has understood it very well and brings a solution. In this story, I present you the Humble Luck Ball project and its token LBC (Luck Ball Coin).

Humble Luck Ball is a French company founded in 2020 and based on the result of R&D work done since 2018. At this stage, the company’s team is deliberately very limited. It was a finalist at the AIBC Summit in Dubai in 2021 and has been…




In the CryptoDevOps publication, Bruno Delb, DevOps coach, blockchain developer, and Cloud expert shares experiences and practices of DevOps applied to blockchain technologies.

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Bruno Delb

Bruno Delb

Blockchains, DevOps, Agile Coaching, development, testing, Cloud, Management 3.0, ITIL. It defines me.

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