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E-Bay meets Cryptocurrency

Buy and Sell with Cryptocurrency.

As it is right now most people buy Cryptocurrency with the hopes of it raising in value, and then selling it off to make a profit. Right?

Why did you get involved in Cryptocurrency?

A: “I wanted to stick it to the Central Banking System, those bastards!”

B: “I wanted to make a quick buck.”

C. “Ah, like hey man, I wanted to buy drugs with it, dude.”

All three of these reasons are still valid and practiced today, though recently Lucas Nunes, originally from Brazil and now happily living in Ireland brought his idea and passion to reality.

Lucas Nunes: “I wanted to help cryptocurrencies achieve their original purpose: being a means of exchange, in order to solve the economic problem of monetary expansion. So, I thought about creating a marketplace for exchanging cryptocurrencies for services and goods.”

This did not happen overnight, It had been in Lucas’s head for over 4 years.

“I had the idea of this website about four years ago, while I was still living in Brazil, at university, where I studied social communication, with focus on journalism, aiming to go to the macroeconomics area. I had thought: what if there was a platform where people could exchange their goods and services directly for cryptocurrencies? Well, my project didn’t go so far back then. I had basic knowledge on web development and I didn’t have many means and time.”

Four years later, Lucas and his wife Melissa:

“I was the creative power and she was the engine behind it, building most of it’s structure. Without her commitment and courage, Adverts Crypto, wouldn’t be possible”

have brought his epiphany to reality.

Hence the birth of Adverts Crypto.

Advertscrypto is the site where people can sell and buy using cryptocurrency. Once registered, which is a painless procedure, one can post an item for sale and decide on which form of Cryptocurrency they will accept and of course how much. There are numerous categories to choose from all with the option for photos, and also the ability for a link to a YouTube video, if the seller has one.

One can choose to search within a certain country for a product or service, or globally.

With the growth of sites such as Fivver and others, where people offer their services for a price, it is a natural progression to offer services in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. Voice Over Work, Programming, Web Development, Copywriting, Car Repair, the possibilities are endless.

Got a pair of concert tickets with no possibility to go?

Sell them for Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

Advertscrypto is a brand new site, Very New, and it will take some time for the offers to increase, however word of mouth in the world of Cryptocurrency is key.


I asked Lucas how the site makes their money, do they charge or take a listing fee if and when an item is sold or posted ? His answer surprised me.

Does the website take a cut of the sale?

No. We make no profit from the sales. It’s all free for the users.

So then why do it?

“Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies a means of exchange.”

Upon further discussion he revealed that in the future there might be plans to sell banner ads, or partner up with some companies. This makes total sense, for servers and electricity aren’t free.

Personal Experience

I listed a service on this site, to do Voice Over Work. The layout was very simple and logical to follow. Type of ad, Price, Currency, etc. Very straight forward.

However upon finishing the basics I was a bit concerned about the next page I had to fill out, it had more to do with my personal information, such as a mobile number, country, and address.

I am happy to say that a Mobile Number is not required, and the address will basically accept anything you input, as you can see by the image above.

This is not a site for those trying to sell or buy, how can I say this, Items which are deemed to be not so nice, this is NO Silk Road however, anything and everything under the sun which is sold on E-Bay could be sold here, for Cryptocurrency, WITHOUT any Fees.

The site also offers a variety of Cryptocurrencies that can be used as a medium of exchange:


The bottom line is:

This site was created by people who have a grasp on the true purpose of Cryptocurrencies.

Sure it will take some time for this site to be as packed full of items as E-Bay, and to be honest might never reach that level, though I truly believe that Lucas doesn’t care if it does or not. His purpose, his goal is to educate as many people as he can, and to give them an outlet to use Cryptocurrency for the reason it was created.

Hats Off to Lucas and Melissa.




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