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Launching an IEO? These are the top platforms so far into 2019

IEOs, the latest investment vehicle in the Blockchain-based fundraising ecosystem, is the hottest thing is crypto right now — for better or for worse, having raised the highest amount of funds this year.

During H1 2019, IEO projects raised a whopping $1.63 billion much higher than other tokenized fundraising models, according to Blockchain and crypto report: H1 2019.

If you’re familiar with the crypto space then you’ve likely heard of IEOs. In essence, they are ICOs launched exclusively on one or many crypto exchanges. But this simplified explanation is an understatement to the revived investor interest IEOs sparked in the crypto space.

The IEO model enabled numerous market participants including Exchanges, Token issuers and most importantly investors to benefit in a certain way that was lacking in the ICO model although there are caveats to this rhetoric which I’ll get into later.

There are currently at least over two dozen IEO platforms in the world but a few have managed to attract a majority of investors to their platforms.

Source: Blockchain and crypto report: H1 2019

The leading IEO platforms by funds raised during H1 2019 is the recently launched Tokinex platform having raised a whopping $1.005 billion. But the catch here is, approximately 99% of these funds were raised by a single IEO project — LEO token. On the heels of Tokinex is and Latoken having raised a whopping $320 million and $78.6 million respectively.

Binance, who is widely credited for popularizing the idea of IEO vis-a-vis Biance Launchpad, managed to raise $27.7 million. Notably, Binance only launches one IEO project every month.

So what’s the caveat with IEO projects?

Due diligence.

Investors assume that all IEO projects go through some vetting process before they are launched by on IEO platforms.

While this is true with some of the major exchanges mentioned here, we can’t confirm the presence or absence of a strict vetting process in the smaller exchanges.



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