It has arrived! (to the Ropsten TestNet)

Imagine a game where you can make profit from it. Imagine World of Warcraft market in Ethereum… 
So many possibilites that Ethereum brought to the state of applications. That’s why we started making a game to make this possible!

Great but what is CryptoDungeons?

“In Mertas, it is the duty of the elders to make important decisions and guide the people to prosperity.

In their last gathering, an important conclusion was drawn. It is time to stop cowering behind the walls of Brightdawn and prepare for war.

The order has been given and every able-bodied citizen is to start gathering supplies, weapons and armor from anywhere they can be found, for in a months time, the people of Mertas will finally fight, to reclaim everything they lost.”

Feel free to test our game!

At this point, the game is still on Ropsten TestNet so that we can test if everything is going smoothly with our contracts (and it’s solid at this point) and players can test it without spending real ethereum.

Here is a post to help you configure metamask to use on the Ropsten Network:

All players start at the same point: you have no heroes, no items, nothing…

Is it another ponzi game?
No. Simple as that. Although our first 10 heroes will be 50% off meaning that only the early players will have a discount on purchasing those heroes.


There exists 5 races (Angels, Dwarfs, Elves, Humans and Orcs) and 4 classes (Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warriors).

Heroes (tokens erc721) are bought in our store and each one are limited to 250 to buy. That means that there will be only 250 Quynn’s (our Human Mage).

Quynn (Human Mage)

As you can see in the image above, Quynn has 4 stars. What does that mean? That means Quynn will have 3 more stats to be distributed for the main Stats (Hp and Int are Quynn’s main stats) than a 1 star hero.

We can also get different types of rarity heroes (from Common to Legendary). A legendary hero will have even more stats than a common hero.

Rarity chances:
- Common (54%);
-Uncommon (25%);
-Rare (12%);
-Epic (5%);
-Legendary (1%);

I’ve got 3 Quynn’s, and 1 is legendary!!


Every item in the game can only be crafted or found in missions, meaning that you can have them by crafting yourself or buying from another player.

Items have an important role in the game, because without them we can’t defeat enemies and the game would not be fun.

Items also have grades to them (quality) ranging from common to legendary.


At this point we have 3 missions to gather, at most, 12 materials that will be able to craft later to other items (equipables, weapons, etc..).

Every mission has also a number of limited attempts. We do this to take a closer step to the real world (you can’t cut down a forest forever).

Also we a mission difficulty. This is calculated based on the mining difficulty of the nodes of Ethereum together with the mininum stats required for the mission and the stats of the hero that will be sent. 
This means that if i have 2 heroes, one at level 1 and another at level 20, the second will almost certainly do the mission, although the second hero will have a chance of bringing items with lesser qualities.

An example:
- Hero with 1 atack has a dungeon difficulty of 50%. This means he has a 50% chance to do the mission. But he will also bring items with qualities ranging from 50% to 100% (Uncommon to Legendary);
- Hero with 20 atack has a dungeon difficulty of 1%. This means he has a 99% chance to do the mission. But he will also bring items with qualities ranging from 1% to 100% (Common to Legendary);

First Mission (Fenn’s Marsh)


Crafting is the most enjoyable feature and our strategy is to increase the number of recipes over time and control the item level of the crafted item.

The main objective is to create a market with different types of items like for example consumables, materials and equipment, and with that making the game more interesting and diverse. 
Also be aware of the qualities of the materials you are using to craft.

“Size doesn’t matter but quality does” — Cakar, the small Warrior.


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