A Gentle Guide to the OVM — Plasma Edition —

Yuriko Nishijima
Sep 4, 2019 · 8 min read
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contradicting property to a claim: ∀X (cat(X) →cute(X))…gotta love this kitten.

Quick Recap

Table of contents

Glossary: Define New OVM Terminologies

OVM Architecture Design

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OVM: L1 Contracts + Client Decider

L2 Client

Types of Data in the OVM

Property = {
predicateAddress: Address, // predicate that validates the property on L1
input: Bytes, // what is being decided by the predicate
And(Foo, Bar) -> Foo 
And(Foo, Bar) -> Bar

Plasma PoC Overview

State updates

coin_range: [0, 5000],
block_number: 10,
property: {/*property for defining deprecation logic*/}

Checkpointing and Exiting

plasma_checkpoint(block_number, coin_range) :=
(b) => {
WithinBlockRangeQuantifier(b, coin_range),
(state_update) => {
plasma_exit(block_number, state_update) :=
IncludedAtBlock(block_number, state_update),
(checkpoint) => {
   IsIntersected(checkpoint.coin_range, state_update.coin_range)


L1 <->L2 Interaction

Plasma Client and Aggregator Workflow

Where to standardize and what CEL is focusing on to build

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There’s more to come!

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Cryptoeconomics Lab

R&D blogs on layer2 technologies for public blockchains and official announcements from CEL.

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