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AMA Recap: CryptoEmpire x Paras

On October 14th, Paras held an AMA with CryptoEmpire to talk about project progress and the upcoming NEAR collection. Here is the recap.

Andini: Welcome KK, could you please briefly what CryptoEmpire and Web3Games are for our new followers?

KK: I’m glad to meet all Paras community members.

Thank you Paras for having me. Web3Games is a next generation gaming ecosystem for Web 3, and we design blockchain games that are interoperable on different chains (and eventually also on our own chain). CryptoEmpire is a metaverse developed by Web3Games and features several play-to-earn NFT games.

Andini: We understand that Web3Games was the official technical support for NEAR and Alibaba’s NFT real estate project curated by Chinese artist Huang He Shan. This was widely reported, including on CoinDesk and Decrypt. Can you share more about this partnership?

KK: Back in July this year we made our first official foray into NFTs with NEAR Protocol and Alibaba. We participated in Alibaba’s Taobao Maker Festival 2021 by issuing the ‘TOORICH City Series’ NFTs by Chinese artist Heshan Huang on Near Protocol.

We did this to convert the artists’ pieces into one of a kind assets with public proof of ownership.

The collection was extremely well received, introducing many first-timers to NFTs and digital art, and trended on major social media platforms such as Weibo.

All NFTs were sold in the first two days of the festival, amounting to over 360,000 yuan in sales.

This’s the NFT site we built for the project. You can see those cyberpunk Chinese buildings

Andini: It seems CryptoEmpire will soon be releasing NFTs on NEAR. Can you tell us more about this?

KK: CryptoEmpire’s NFT cards will be released in batches based on the blockchain they are on. Each NFT card is inspired by a legendary blockchain project and is also represented by a fictional character in the CryptoEmpire metaverse. The cards are categorized by their individual market value and rarity: common, rare, epic, or legendary.

Our second NFT series, The NEAR Collection, will feature 15 ERC-1155 cards that can also be used in CryptoEmpire games, similar to The Ethereum Collection. There will be 2,400 cards in The NEAR Collection which will available to mint on our official website in late October.

Cards are randomly minted and cost 2 NEAR each. Users will need a NEAR wallet to purchase and store their cards.

Please follow our official platforms to get the latest updates! In the Q&A session after this AMA ends, we will also be giving away CryptoEmpire Paras NFT cards. Here is a preview of it:

Andini: What will The Near Collection include? Are other blockchains being considered for future releases?

KK: We included the most popular NEAR projects in the NEAR collection. Other than Paras, there’re Ref Finance, Skyward, FLUX, Octopus Network…and most importantly….NEAR for sure!

Yes, in the future, we are going to do across most popular chains!

Multi-chain operability is a core feature of the CryptoEmpire metaverse and we intend to launch on other blockchains including Solana, Polygon, and BSC. Similar to previous collections we will again be designing NFT cards inspired by projects on those different chains.

Andini: When will CryptoEmpire’s game be launched and which chain will it be on?

KK: We are planning to launch the beta version of our first game, Token Wars, on NEAR. Token Wars will be a strategic PVP card game. The current design allows players to register and login using their wallet to access the game. It will be compatible with different types of wallets.

Andini: I’m sure a few people are curious about this one. What will the CryptoEmpire game be like?

KK: Token Wars will be the first game to launch as part of the CryptoEmpire metaverse.

Players battle each other with CryptoEmpire NFT cards, which will be tied to their respective real-time blockchain token prices, and can use cards from different blockchains to create their deck.

Players that have stronger decks win and are rewarded with tokens, NFT fractions, and more.

7. Lots of GameFi projects are entering the space recently. How does CryptoEmpire compare and how is it going to be different?

KK: GameFi is indeed trending and there are many interesting projects being built in this space. GameFi will be a part of CryptoEmpire along with NFTs, and we hope our NFT cards can have true utility beyond being transferrable collectibles.

Our upcoming marketplace will facilitate buying, selling, exchanging and borrowing of CryptoEmpire assets as an added dimension.

Additionally, we will also keep developing the CryptoEmpire narrative around real life blockchain projects, and enhance GameFi elements to strengthen player interaction and utility.

Here are some sneak peeks of our Token Wars game:

Andini: What do you think about play-to-earn economies like Axie Infinity? How is CryptoEmpire’s play-to-earn mechanism designed and how do players participate?

KK: I do think Axie helped push the play-to-earn model into mainstream, which is very different from traditional gaming. An open economy is actually very difficult to create. It is fragile and a single weak arc be it design or the P2E mechanism can destroy the game economy. Axie has done well by maintaining a healthy input-output ratio and from that a sustainable P2E model.

When we designed CryptoEmpire, we wanted to keep barriers to entry low and made sure that players can access and operate the games without having to learn a bunch of different things. Gaming mechanisms are straightforward and there will be several games to choose from — hopefully this can attract different types of gamers, especially those unfamiliar with blockchain, as there is still much room for expanding into the non-crypto audience.

It’s easy to get started with CryptoEmpire. All you need are a few NFT cards!

Andini: Are there any other details you would like to share about CryptoEmpire’s upcoming roadmap?

Our NEAR NFT cards are dropping at the end of the month, so have your wallets ready! We will also be working more closely with Paras and NEAR to build momentum for an exciting, blockchain immersed gaming metaverse.

Our team is also currently working hard on Token Wars which will be released after The NEAR Collection drops.

For more information, please visit our official links:





Next up is the Q&A session, and 3 lucky guests chosen by our panel will be able to receive The NEAR Collection NFT cards!

@Rickie: Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project?

KK: Our team has joined many tech events and we started Web3Games, which is the company developing the whole CryptoEmpire from hackathons.

@Trang Tran: Can I ask some of the highlights of the project? Which makes yours become the one to be worth investing?

KK: We’re the first multi-chain and multi-game metaverse project! Learn more of our project on

@A k 🔺: Can We use CryptoEmpire Cards/NFTs As Collateral in Your Ecosystem or any other Defi Ecosystem? If not, then do you have any plans to bring this utility to your NFT’s? How will it work & on Which Defi Can We Keep Your NFTs as Collateral?

KK: Yes we’re very interested in NFT lending and we’re developing related features that you may borrow your NFT cards to other players!

GameFi is also a core part of CryptoEmpire!

Thanks all for asking us so many interesting questions!

About CryptoEmpire

Presented by Web3Games, CryptoEmpire is a multi-chain, multi-game metaverse featuring a series of play-to-earn games that embed GameFi and NFTs. Comparable to a virtual theme park, CryptoEmpire is made up of ‘territories’ named after different blockchains e.g. Ethereumland. Legacy projects from each chain have been developed into unique NFT cards with in-game utilities.






A NFT card game based on real-world crypto markets.

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