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CryptoEmpire NFT Cards: The Ethereum Collection (Part 2/3)

A three-part introduction to our first NFT series, The Ethereum Collection.

CryptoEmpire cards are ERC-1155 tokens that are used in CryptoEmpire games, and only minted from booster packs. Each card references a real-life blockchain project with a fictional metaverse character. Just like any other NFT, they can be resold or traded. The cards come in four rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Card owners and players will be entitled to CryptoEmpire token $EMP airdrops.

Yearn The “Sniper”

Card ID: #00011
Token Symbol: YFI

Yearn makes no compromise on his targets. He has an ability to generate the highest returns with the lowest risk.

Maker The “Builder”

Card ID: #00012
Token Symbol: MKR

An accomplished builder of money vaults, Maker is a modest entrepreneur and one of CryptoEmpire’s earliest campaigners.

Wrapped BTC The “Dragon”

Card ID: #00013
Token Symbol: WBTC

WBTC might be a young dragon, but no one doubts his ambition or speed.

Balancer The “Sorceress”

Card ID: #00014
Token Symbol: BAL

An aspiring sorceress, Balancer is never seen without her handy pair of scales.

Curve The “Magician”

Card ID: #00015
Token Symbol: CRV

Curve is a talented magician recognized for her agility and coordination.

Dai The “Heiress”

Card ID: #00016
Token Symbol: DAI

The quieter sibling, Dai is part of Ethereum’s inner circle and admired for her liberal personality.

Kyber The “Sheikh”

Card ID: #00017
Token Symbol: KNC

A hospitable leader, Kyber likes to connect many of his business partners to forge new opportunities.

0X The “Geologist”

Card ID: #00018
Token Symbol: ZXR

0x has dedicated his lifetime to studying different crypto formations and benefitting those who hear his story.

Augur The “Prophetess”

Card ID: #00019
Token Symbol: REP

Augur is a selfless prophetess whose readings are sought after and used by many.

Graph The “Professor”

Card ID: #00020
Token Symbol: GRT

Professor Graph is a pursuer of data and known for helping students with getting answers to their questions.

About CryptoEmpire

Presented by Web3Games, CryptoEmpire is a multi-chain, multi-game metaverse featuring a series of play-to-earn games that embed GameFi and NFTs. Comparable to a virtual theme park, CryptoEmpire is made up of ‘territories’ named after different blockchains e.g. Ethereumland. Legacy projects from each chain have been developed into unique NFT cards with in-game utilities.




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