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The NEAR Collection To Drop This October

You heard right! The NEAR Collection, our second NFT series, will be released later this month on NEAR Protocol.

The NEAR Collection includes 15 unique cards that each represent a legendary blockchain project on NEAR. 3,000 cards will be issued at 2 NEAR each to mint.

Cards are minted individually, and public sale will be limited to 20 cards per address.

You will need a NEAR wallet to purchase and store the NFT cards. More information can be found on NEAR’s official website. A tutorial on creating a NEAR wallet is available here.

The cherry on top? No gas wars this time!

Whitelist for Pre-Sale

Each person will be able to buy up to 20 cards the day before the Public Sale.

And here’s how to get one:

  1. Whitelist spots for current owners of The Ethereum Collection cards. We will send the collection Google form to | owners-zone on discord. If you are an Ethereum Collection cards owner, pls join discord channel | owners-zone.
  2. Whitelist for members who help promote CryptoEmpire. The detailed whitelist rules can be checked in


What: The Near Collection NFT Drop

Friday 29th October 8 am EST

Sale Time: Saturday 30th October 8 am EST

Price: 2 NEAR

Rules: Max 20 mints per address, you need a NEAR wallet

Pro tip: Get on our whitelist to secure your cards! You must have at least 4 cards to play the game.

CryptoEmpire cards are ERC-1155 tokens used in CryptoEmpire games and are only minted from our official website. Previous collections are available on OpenSea. Each card references a real-life blockchain project with a fictional metaverse character. Just like any other NFT, they can be resold or traded. The cards come in four rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Card owners and players will be entitled to CryptoEmpire token $EMP and Gen 2 airdrops.

About CryptoEmpire

Presented by Web3Games, CryptoEmpire is a multi-chain, multi-game metaverse featuring a series of play-to-earn games that embed GameFi and NFTs. Comparable to a virtual theme park, CryptoEmpire is made up of ‘territories’ named after different blockchains e.g. Ethereumland. Legacy projects from each chain have been developed into unique NFT cards with in-game utilities.






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