Barcelona Blockchain Week

On the week of the 15th to the 19th of October, Barcelona will host the BCN Blockchain Week. During this week, executives from around Spain and South Europe will attend to learn more about blockchain, but most predominantly, to see the potential applications of it in their business models.

The BCN Blockchain Week will start with the IOT Solutions Congress, that will go from Tuesday the 16th of October until the 18th. Inside this event, there will be the Blockchain Solutions World as the main event focused on showing the solutions and real-life cases on how blockchain technology can be applied in different industries: Financial services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Supply chains, Energy and utilities…

During the week, CryptoFranchise decided to take advantage of the BCN Blockchain Week to organize its own event, The Blockchain & Retail Summit. This event is focused for retail executives to understand the numerous benefits of adopting blockchain technology in the retail sector, and how the lack of implementation of it could cause drastic effects on their enterprises. The event is spread throughout the morning and afternoon, where the morning event are designed to inform assistants on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and, the afternoon events, on the applications and benefits they have in the business world. Important speakers such as Albert Castellana came to the event to explain their thoughts on blockchain, the current projects they are working on, and their perspective on how blockchain will revolutionize the world.

The entrance of the event is free, register here

The BCN Blockchain week will end with Barcelona’s TokenMatch edition that will be held on Friday 19th. During this event, elite groups of 21 ICO teams present their projects to a small groups of investors that have the capacity and the mandate to deploy capital. An ideal occasion to interact, provide and receive feedback, and negotiate deals in one day.

Blockchain revolution is happening, and Barcelona did not want to miss out on the opportunity, and instead positioned itself as a city open to technology, and to make the world a more safe, transparent and decentralized place.

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