Barcelona Blockchain week wrap Up

During the week we had the chance to have a stand in the Blockchain Solutions World congress, which opened up the doors to meet a lot of other blockchain projects, but most importantly, many top retail management that were curious to understand blockchain further, and to understand which applications and new sales opportunities it would bring to their businesses. The CryptoFranchise team gave them an overview of the purpose of our project, and how us, originating from a retail business, see the immense and unquantifiable benefits of tokenizing our ecosystem.

It was clear that we were able to open the eyes of retailers as most of them assisted the Blockchain & Retail Summit, an event organized by CryptoFranchise on Thursday 18th, that it’s main purpose was to explain to retailers the basics of blockchain, in order to then show them the applications it has in many different retail industries, and for them to understand how that bridge is able to be done. We had the pleasure of having expert speakers from different backgrounds to share their knowledge with the audience, and stressing the need of retail companies to adopt technology on their business. Jaume Hugas, professor of innovation and data science at ESADE, gave proof of what occurs to retail firms that do not make this step such examples are SEARS, Toys R Us and American Apparel, which have either gone bankrupt or seen their sales decrease dramatically. Thus, making evident the importance of preparing existing retail companies for e-commerce, something that can be obtained by tokenizing the industry using blockchain. Nonetheless, as David Siegel, CEO of the Pillar project and a speaker at our event said, not only does retail industry needs to make this step, but all the other industries too: journalism, governments, finance…all of them are in danger of becoming obsolete, and no excuse can make up for it. The event concluded with a great lunch offered by Nostrum, that gave the attendees the perfect occasion to ask questions to all the speakers and to see how blockchain could be adopted in their firms, and which benefits would it bring.

On Thursday evening, at the Imagine Café located in the heart of Barcelona, next to Catalonia Square, there were two blockchain projects presenting their ideas to the general public. On one hand, there was Shasta, a project that wants to decentralize the energy market such that anyone is able to sell the energy they have generated. On the other hand, CryptoFranchise presented its idea of how adopting blockchain technology, and tokenizing the retail industry the problems currently experienced in it can be mitigated.

At the end of the presentations, the Barcelona Blockchain Solutions World Afterwork started. In this event dinner was offered to blockchain enthusiasts and it was the perfect occasion to learn about different projects, and to find investors who were willing to fund them. The event started at 8 pm and finished at 3 am.

The BCN Blockchain Week concluded with the TokenMatch on Friday 19th of October. During this event different blockchain projects presented their ideas in front of investors. A perfect opportunity to gain the necessary funds for each project to start developing their systems.