Meet CryptoFranchise Team and Advisors

Behind CryptoFranchise there is a team of professional workers that come across different backgrounds, working on a daily basis in improving and polishing up the CryptoFranchise platform, and creating a strong image of the brand. Concurrently, we get constant recommendations of our expert team of advisors that help us to build the best product for our future customers. This combination of experts brings the most out of everyone, to overcome future obstacles, and to deliver a product that will be the state-of-the-art, easy to use and to implement, and that will bring the retail franchise industry into a new era.

On one hand, the CryptoFranchise team is composed by the following six professionals:

On the other hand, our team of advisors can be seen below. Our advisors come from different backgrounds in order to be able to gather opinions from all the different perspectives, contributing to make the product excel in all the different sectors.

We count with the advise of Cristophe Angleys, an expert of the franchise world, being involved for 11 years in franchise events and currently working as an advisor of franchise companies. Giving us insight on the challenges the franchise word is currently experiencing, and helping us to find potential clients of our platform.

Our team of advisors also counts with two experts in investment and blockchain, Ran Neu-Ner and Michael Terpin. Ran is the CEO of Onchain capital, an important investment and advisory firm for blockchain projects, and also host of the Crypto Trader show on the CNBC. He was further recognised by Richtopia as #9 of the 100 most influential people in Blockchain. On the other hand, Michael has helped more than 150 companies in the blockchain sector to raise capital, being a co-founder of TokenMatch (a special event where blockchain companies present their projects in front of investors) and CoinAgenda (a company that creates blockchain events to help projects find investors).

We also have the expert advice of Susan Poole and Ferran Martínez, both of them highly involved in blockchain startups. Susan is founder of the Blockchain Training Institute and the BlockBridge Advisory, an advisory company that focuses specifically in blockchain startups. Whereas Ferran, is a blockchain entrepreneur that has founded his own blockchain project, and simultaneously, invests in new startup projects.

For the legal side we have the professional help of Rene Lauk, an attorney specialized in ICO legal assistance and blockchain projects regulation, that works closely with the Estonian government, the most advanced EU country in blockchain regulation and implementation.

Jonny Fry is chairman of LifesDNA, a blockchain, and AI holistic meta search engine marketplace for healthcare, wellbeing and lifestyle. In addition, he is CEO of TeamBlockchain which is a UK based international influencer network. He has deep knowledge on blockchain technology, ICOs and fundraising techniques in this sector. Last but not least, our last incorporation to the advisor team was Victoria Gago, a very talented young expert that is co-founder of the European Blockchain convention, and an associate at AddVANTE M&A.