Blockchain & Retail Summit - Safe the date!

The Blockchain & Retail Summit is an event created with the purpose to raise awareness of the benefits blockchain has if it is correctly adopted into the retail industry. Our main intention with this event is to share our knowledge on blockchain, and that of our speakers to top management teams of retail firms to help them understand blockchain technology, and help them see the numerous applications it has in this business model.

For that the event is structured in such a way.

We will start with a brief welcome speech given by the CEO of Nostrum and CryptoFranchise in order to let everyone know how the day is organised, and to give a short description on how the location is separated. Followingly, it will be time to start with what everybody came for: What is Blockchain technology? Aleix Ordeig, a young developer that is the CTO of the Blockchain Institute of Technology, will give a 30 minutes pitch on what blockchain is, and how does the system work. This presentation is suitable for people who have not heard much about blockchain, but also for those who have, as he will explain also the future steps of this technology.

Jaume Hugas, professor of Innovation and Data Science at ESADE, will take over and explain one of the main benefits of adopting blockchain technology into the retail industry: to hybridize the online and offline shopping models. This will be the first application that will be explained to the audience on how blockchain can help the current problems the retail industry is experiencing. After the first two event, we will have a short break, to have coffee and, informally, give the chance to ask questions to the first speakers.

After the break, Albert Castellana, a well-known Blockchain and Innovation specialist, will continue to inform the audience of the other applications blockchain has in the retail industry. On how its adoption can improve the operations, by making them more efficient and secure.

Followingly, Quirze Salomó, will explain how the token is introduced inside the firms’ ecosystem: how it works and what are the uses of it. Also, explaining the benefits than come with its introduction: efficient loyalty campaigns, avoiding conflict of interest…

Once we have described Blockchain and its applications it will be time to see the regulation around it, and how this regulation is different depending on the jurisdiction you are in. For it, we will compare Spanish regulation to the popular Estonian regulation (one of the first countries and most advanced in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology regulation). For that we will count with the expert voice of Rene Lauk, a legal advisor on ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and Crypto Financing, that works with the Estonian government.

Last but not least, David Siegel, CEO of the Pillar Project will explain to you how Blockchain is the perfect mechanism to bring data back to its true owner, you. He will describe how wallets give customer’s back their information such that no one else can use it, trade it, or sell it without one knowing what they are truly doing. Wallets, will give the customers the chance to monetize their information if they want, and if not, to keep it securely encrypted from any unwanted third party.

The event will finish with an informal lunch in which everyone will have the chance to ask questions to our speakers, do networking, talk about Blockchain, and most importantly, enjoy.