The CryptoFranchise project is opening itself into the world. After tough months of developing the project, and bringing our revolutionary ideas and concepts into text in our Whitepaper; we decided it was time to drop an opening party to let everyone know how we are planning to become a standard for the franchise industry.

Given the opportunity that CoinsBank scheduled a Blockchain Cruise departing from the city we are based in, Barcelona. We set the day for the CryptoFranchise Blockchain Party on the eve of the cruise departure. The event was hosted in the heart of Barcelona’s technology research building, BCN Tech City, in which 180 people from the crypto-world registered to. For example, Tone Vays one of the most known Bitcoin Consultants attended the party, Jörg Molt co-founder of Bitcoin, and Susan Poole co-chair of EU’s Blockchain forum. We even had the unexpected visit of Catalonia’s President Quim Torra, which came to show support for Blockchain platforms.

CryptoFranchise team with Catalonia’s President, Quim Torra.

During the ceremony, our CEO, Quirze Salomó, addressed some words explaining his idea of creating a business that would, in the near future, substitute house cooking: Nostrum. But, it was not until the revolutionary idea of Blockchain appeared, 10 years ago, that he saw the solution to all the problems he had been experiencing in the franchise industry, and that is where the idea of CryptoFranchise first emerged. Bit by bit, event by event, he gathered knowledge on what blockchain was, and on the feasible applications it had for the franchise: how it could solve the conflict of interest between franchisor and franchisee, add transparency and security to franchise millions of transfers, add liquidity to traditional assets or services and above all, synergize the online and offline shopping models. Concluding that CryptoFranchise will be the starting point of the new franchise industry in the future. Next, it was time to enjoy the event and talk blockchain to the many experts that were present.

The coming morning, we embarked into the cruise and left for a four day trip in which there were more than 100 speakers and 2500 attendees. During the cruise we had the pleasure to listen to the world’s top experts in blockchain, and the opportunity to share with them our project and our vision for the future, among them Changpeng Zhao, John McAfee and Brock Pierce. Overall we gathered great critics on our project and gained a good advisory tips.

CryptoFranchise CEO, Quirze Salomó, with Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao.

Currently, we are attending Consensus, a blockchain event hosted by CoinDesk in Singapore. We have come here with the purpose of learning more and more about the new advancements in blockchain, but, simultaneously, to inform the crypto-world about our project to help us meet investors that are interested to participate in our private sale. This is our main focus right now, in order to start polishing the final product, and start transforming the franchise industry.