The Cryptogame “Hello World”: Make it Rain ERC20 Tokens!

(ノ ˘_˘)ノ 。゜。゚

Hello Crypto is the gentle and fun introduction to cryptogame development. Click the link above to check it out!

Getting Started

Your desktop browser will need to have the Metamask extension installed. Once installed, use Metamask to create or import a wallet that contains ETH. You can use a testnet and get some ETH from a faucet for free. This previous article on blockchain game development has step by step gifs you can follow.

Once you see your ETH balance on the Hello Crypto page, just press the button to start (ノ ˘_˘)ノ 。゜。゚

The more ETH you have, the longer you can make it rain!

Once you’re done, press the button again to clean up after yourself. Remember, no one likes a litterbug! . .。.。. .。.ノ( º _ ºノ)

Make It Your Own

Check out the source code here on Github. The README contains a step by step tutorial on how to create it yourself, and how you can take it a step further by using your own ERC 20 token instead of ETH.

Go Deeper

If you’re interested in learning more about blockchain game development and creating games in other platforms such as Unity, check out my previous articles:

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