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Certification & Resources to develop Skills as SOC Analyst

Security operations center (SOC) is a prominent topic right now. In this area, there is a significant skills gap, and there is a high demand for qualified people all over the world. Because of the talent deficit, it is becoming simpler for beginners to start their careers as SOC Analysts.

Many individuals who would like to work in cyberspace opt for certifications, that are logical transitions to develop their abilities, knowledge, and hands-on skills and better their career in this sector. Do you want to ride this rising tide and break into the industry? But there are so many options for individuals among all skill levels. Earning globally recognized cybersecurity SOC credentials is one way to get started.


eLearnSecurity offers a variety of certifications to develop skills as Blue Teamer or SOC Analyst.eLearn courses can be designed to best meet the needs of your individual learners. This makes them more engaging for professionals and helps them remember what they’ve learned. eLearn courses cover the various domain of SOC which builds the professionals as SOC Analysts with different skill sets. Incidence Responder Digital Forensic — Threat Hunting Network Defense


The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, recognizes Comptia CYSA+ certification. This certification is designed for people who want to learn the skills needed to work as a security analyst. The purpose of this certification is to give IT workers the skills they need to detect cyber risks by assessing and detecting potential vulnerabilities and threats. It also teaches people the behavioral analytic skills they’ll need to spot malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), as well as how to defend against them. As a result, the overall visibility of potential network and system vulnerabilities increases. The CySA+ aims to prepare for a future as a cybersecurity analyst by providing hands-on training and basic understanding.

Blue Team Level

The practical security operations certification path, Blue Team Level (BTL), covers a wide range of defensive domains without significantly affecting detail. A comprehensive defensive security training course and certification that demonstrates practical ability in defending networks and systems against cyber threats. This course gives a 24-hour practical assessment and helps to gain real-world security operations experience with a realistic incident response scenario. Security Blue team offers a variety of certification paths, such as BTL1 and BTL2. BTL1 is ideal for security enthusiasts or professionals who want to develop their defensive cyber skills in the real world. : BTL1 Course Syllabus : BTL2 Course Syllabus


The EC-Council Certified SOC Analyst (ECSA) certification program is the first step in participating in a security operations center (SOC). It’s designed for present and prospective Tier I and Tier II SOC analysts who would like to understand how to do foundation program operations.ECSA is a training and certification program that assists professionals in earning trending and in-demand technical skills through training from some of the industry’s most experienced educators. The curriculum focuses on opening up new career opportunities by providing extensive, meticulous knowledge as well as enhanced level capabilities for dynamically contributing to a SOC team.

There are numerous online platforms for blue team competitions that might assist SOC analysts to enhance their abilities. So, here’s a broad description of what I’m aware of as a platform for blue teamers.

BTLO (Blue Team Lab Online)

The BTLO platform from Security Blue Team features some fantastic free and paid rooms for Blue Teamers. Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Security Operations, Reverse Engineering, and Threat Hunting are all addressed throughout this gamified platform for defenders to practice their skills in security investigations and challenges.


CyberDefenders has a bunch of completely free hands-on training related to SOC like Boss of SOC V1.CyberDefenders is a defensive cybersecurity training platform that aims to provide a platform for blue teams to practice, validate their skills, and learn the ones they need. Their goal is to help the community practice with quality resources, use their time efficiently, and connect with fellow professionals.


LetsDefend is a practical training program for blue team members with the goal of becoming SOC Analysts. Within the SOC framework, the platform provides material for L1 and L2 cybersecurity analysts. It is intended that analysts gain experience by displaying numerous scenarios so that they may use their prior knowledge in a real-world case.


TryHackMe is a free online learning platform for cyber security that uses hands-on exercises and laboratories. TryHackMe makes learning and teaching cybersecurity easier. The platform makes learning more pleasant by providing prebuilt courses that contain virtual machines (VM) hosted in the cloud and ready to be installed. CTFs, Workshops, Assessments, and Training may all be held on the platform.


The RangeForce cybersecurity training platform turns IT and security professionals into highly effective cyber defenders by providing interactive and hands-on cybersecurity training experiences. IT helps Improve your team’s cybersecurity abilities to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap in your business. Through a scalable, interactive, on-demand cyber-skill training platform and integrated cyber range, it provides the most effective approach to level up and properly tests the abilities of your cybersecurity team. RangeForce provides meaningful information into each learner’s performance and skill level, assisting with the identification of fresh cybersecurity talent, and making security learning more efficient.

Security training, certifications, knowledge retention, and team skills is a must when it comes to becoming a well-fledged SOC Analyst. All of the platforms aforementioned can help a beginner to learn how to become well versed and operate effectively in a SOC environment.



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