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Rare Crypto Art: Quatria Digital Collectible Asset NFT Crowdsale

(CRYPTO) In an effort to raise funds to cover last-minute issues related to mainnet launch, the Lost Direction Classic Foundation today announced the issuance of 44 limited edition copies of A Tob Gobble Sketch, by Edward Allen Oxford, c. 1924–1928, onto the NFT market platform for digital collectibles, Rarible.

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Tob Gobble Sketch: Rare Quatria NFT Art Crowdsale
Tob Gobble Sketch: Rare Quatria NFT Art Crowdsale

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Estimated to be nearly a hundred years old, this drawing is believed to be the oldest NFT in existence. This hand-drawn sketch was found among hundreds of pages of notes and drawings stuffed into the attic of an old house in Eastern Canada as insulation against the cold Canadian winters.

The artist was Edward Allen Oxford (1894–1948), who served as an Allied merchant marine in World War I. His ship was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-Boat off the coast of Antarctica, near Deception Island. While the rest of the crew were lost at sea, Oxford was allegedly found by a passing ship some two years later, unharmed. He returned north with tales of a tropical island where he had survived with the help of friendly natives, which he claimed were remnants of a lost ancient culture he called Quatria.

Though authorities dismissed his stories as fabrication, and even went so far as to declare him mentally unfit, no one was ever able to explain just how he had survived so long without shelter in the frigid Antarctic conditions. He maintained his sotory until his death bed, and documented it great detail in copious journal entries, drawings, and letters to his wife.

The piece at auction depicts a recurring figure of some importance in Oxford’s Quatrian mythos, named Tob Gobble, who is a kind of vegetal spirit, and acts as both a universal intercessor as well as a trickster figure.




Edward Allen Oxford Collection


Sketch (Digital Reproduction)



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0.044 ETH (+platform fees)



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