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Recovering From a Rug(Part 2): The Game, Plan & Beyond.

Hello folks, it’s been almost two weeks since my last announcement and I’d like to share a little update in relation to our game plans, upcoming drops, and our next steps as a game. This will be the continuation of part 1 of this newsletter. I wanted to mention that last week we reached the first 100 members in our Discord, and wanted to thank you all for the support. I will continue building this game for everyone to have fun and enjoy something different that has never been built before in Web3.

The first thing I wanted to share is the results of the pools I have been running for the past 2 weeks in the Snails community to know their situation of them and be able to finish the airdrop amounts with the right balance.

The pool showed us quite some interesting numbers.

Results from the question How Many Snails Do You Own?

The first thing to notice is that we have about 265 holders still in our discord a small number in relation to the current member count of 18k members. That’s something important to notice because that’s one thing I’ve mentioned it’s important to notice for projects that might end up being a rug. Besides this interesting fact, about 43.4% of our current holders, hold one snail, 26.0% holds two snails and the rest of the holders encompass the rest of 30.6% holding 3 or more snails.

In relation to Landowners, there is 29.8% of holders don’t hold any Land, and 29.1% only hold 1 land. The rest of the universe (41.1% holds 2 or more lands) which means that most of our users have not interacted that much with the land gameplay.

Results from the question How Many Lands Do You Own?

If we account for the number of people that have replied to our form and the members currently in our discord, we have about 350 people that will be eligible for an airdrop.

With that said I wanted to share how we will going to proceed this upcoming week to start with the Airdrop and be able to start with Phase 0 of the upcoming project.

The Game

For those who don't remember Crypto Guild Wars is the first 2DStrategy Board Game fully on Chain where players battle for in-game rewards and glory between players. Each unit will have a unique set of stats that will decide your fate around the Crypto Guild Wars Ecosystem. The game will only reward players who take risks in the game, for that reason the only way to get our currency to upgrade your units & your army will be by playing the game and ranking high on the game ladder. Each transaction with our currency within the game will get “taxed” and rewarded at the end of the season to the top 30% of the ladder(All percentages given can be changed to maintain the balance of the game).

I’m sharing again part of the game stats so everyone is on the same page.

Initial Character Screen that will let you see your unit's game stats.

Game Stats

Each unit has randomly generated stats that will determine its potential

Souls(S): The soul amount will represent the number of times you can die in battle without losing your NFT. The shield can be replenished using consumables generated only by the Druid/Alchemist subclass (5% of the population approximately). Having this number high means that this unit will have better chances of long-term survivability in the game.

Soul Refills(SR): SR refers to the number of remaining consumables that the Q8127unit can use to refill its souls to avoid death. Once SR reaches 0, there is no way to refill shields, therefore you should decide wisely on what kind of consumable you should use in each unit. Each consumable refills a specific amount of souls. The rarer the consumable, the higher amount of souls that get restored.

Death Rate(DR): This is one of the most important attributes in the game. The death rate is a percentage stat that will be triggered each time you lose a match. There are 2 scenarios for the death rate to trigger. If the match is between 50% less of the leaderboard, the DR that will be used in the final calculation will be DR halved, otherwise If the match was between the top 50% of the armies, the DR will remain the same. Each time a unit dies in battle, there is a DR chance for the unit to receive a deadly wound and die in the match.

Remaining Rolls (RR): This will define how many remaining rolls are left for this unit. Units will be able to roll their stats and gain levels given the different options from our Gacha-Machines. Machines will define a different set of options and probabilities that the user will have to consider prior to consuming a roll on it.

Besides these stats, we will have the classic attack, mp,spd, and hp stats for the interaction for in-game battles.

This game is inspired by TCG/Gacha Games where luck is always involved in the game. Things such as random terrain, modifiers per position, dmg multipliers are given depending on the number you get when you roll the dice in the blockchain. I don’t want this game to feel that people with more units will always have the advantage because at some point in the game they will need to think and build a strategy to survive and how to properly manage their assets and the risk they want to take. I will have another newsletter talking more about the game with our battle UI built.

The Plan

The game plan is still under development and might change in the upcoming weeks to ensure a great launch of our phase 0. The goal is to build value around the game by making this a fun/balanced game that takes all the advantages of web3 gaming.

Initially, Units will only be available through booster packs that will come in different sizes according to the drop everyone is eligible for. After the airdrop is successfully executed raffles that will be available every day.

My goal initially is to build something from zero to the best Strategy NFT game experience we can provide, for that reason, I want to be clear that the initial phases of the game will be fully under my control to be able to recover/airdrop/re-design any specific mechanic that might not be working as expected. I also wanted to point out that I will also be testing the DAO that will have the power to govern and execute some actions in relation to the game with the initial holders as the first stakeholders but more than the DAO will have the ownership of the community treasury that will hold our in-game prizes

The Raffles.

In phase 0 players the project will build hype while testing features with our community, rewarding those who are testing/interacting with our game. In-game raffles will create the interaction needed between the community and the game at the early stages. Raffles will be the only way to get units besides the initial airdrop and the idea behind those is to give a fair chance to every player, besides the number of tickets that they want to risk. The airdrop will include a specific amount of tickets for everyone given their losses and everyone when the game begins, will be able to buy per day a limited amount of tickets given the number of units that the players will hold. This will ensure that our currency is always been burned while giving the opportunity to players to build their strategies around the Units/Items they got in their first drop. In the early stages, raffle tickets will be used to create marketing around social media and to start showing up what we are capable of building.

This week I’ve been working on the integration of the battle game contract with our units and the algorithms behind it. I wanted to share the news that we will be switching from a hex grid to a 2d map. This is done because the development cycle for a hex grid map would take longer(It requires way more testing) and holders will not be able to battle until then, since I want everyone to have fun with battles. Be sure more in-game modes and interactions will be created while the game progress. We rather grow constantly than exponentially.

What’s Next?

Starting next week I will be consolidating all the information gathered in the forms and will start providing more details in relation to the game, the drop, and the mechanics around it.

Hope everyone is fine,

Giuseppe Marotta

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Crypto Guild Wars is an Auto Chess Strategy NFT Game currently in development.

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Giuseppe Marotta

Giuseppe Marotta

Computer Scientist, Techno Producer & Gamer I’m the Lead Dev & Founder of Crypto Guild Wars, the first Auto Chess NFT Strategy On-Chain Game.

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