GOAL ACHIEVED — We Have Done it!

All I can say is WOW!! Why do I say this…..in short the community came out to vote in the next SR in less than 72 hours! Yes, we did it in less than 72 hours. This is just remarkable!! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all easy and took up a lot of time and effort and as we do more SR’s we hope each cycle gets easier. But definitely an outstanding achievement.

Thanks to the Community

I would like to take this time to say thank you to the community. Some really strong supporters have come out to support me in getting this done. A big thank you to all, the support is made of many voters, big and small! It really shows that every vote counts!

Thanks to the SR’s

I would like to take this time to thank SR’s that assisted in spreading the word and pushing the message out, the main SR’s that helped was CryptoGirls , Team Tronics and SkyPeople. Thank you guys…..girls….you know what I mean ;)

What is next?

We already seeing the community asking who is next, when do we start? Simple answer is it is up to the community, yes you heard me. It is up to the community, we will start helping the next SR when CryptoGuyInZA and CryptoChain are both above 230 million votes (exclude whale votes). All the community has to do is come together and vote for us. We need the votes up to help the next SR in, please vote!

Why the votes?

You would have noticed my votes took a beating as all my followers split or moved their votes to help a new SR. So I had a drop in votes, a drop in rank in the 27 and even a drop in rewards to pay for hardware expenses. But it was all worth it. So we need to get the votes up for both me and CryptoChain before starting another SR as we will need to peel off votes. Else we risk falling out the 27 and unable to help any other SR, also the hardware has costs that we need to cover. Also when I started this process I was hoping other SR’s would come out and offer to peel off some votes like I did to support another SR. After all if all SR above 200 million peeled off 30 million votes we would have another SR in very easily, unfortunately this was not the case. So we need more votes to make a buffer for this. Don’t get me wrong, some SR’s definitely helped in other ways as I mentioned in previous post.

How can we make it easier?

To make it easier and to be part of the movement it would make it easier if all interested in helping future SR to get elected would sign up to my mailing list. It can be done by completing this form http://eepurl.com/dvDXNr . Another thing that helps is getting support from large wallets to do the last push over the line. If you are one of those large wallets and keen to help please e-mail me on cryptoguyinza@gmail.com.

Final Words

Again, thanks to ALL, small and large votes! We have done it!

We did the impossible, that makes us mighty :)