Did we give up? Where’s the marketing? Hello?

May 3 · 5 min read


NageCHE’s service will stop today as announced before.

Thank you for using NageCHE
For the remain withdraw requests, it will be responded one by one in order.

Currently we are fully working on lock up mining development.

-Bug reports

We are fixing every bugs that was reported by users in order.


We will work on improving the design of the site to provide better experience to the users.
1.Trade screen(Placement、Size)

Starting with “Buy order” “Stop-limit-order” “Sell order” to chat.
We will improve the size and placement to make the trade screen easier to see in 1 scroll and easier to use.

As we received in some feedbacks, there’s unnecessary spaces in the trade screen. We will work on improving it.


Currently we are considering to make active orders able to see in the Dashboard.

We have implemented voting function.
Details will be announced later.

3.New Two-factor-authentication

We have implemented new Hydro TFA to the site.

4.KYC system

We have simplified the KYC system.
5 documents to=>3 documents
Every users are able to Profile picture now.

5.Chat function
Now users are able to chat in the trade screen.

We saw some users say “Is chatting function really needed in exchange?”

If we see that chatting functions are affecting the community and the product negatively , we will remove this function.

But, this chat function still has a potential to help us to provide better experience to the users in the future.
For example, we might implement tip and rain function inside the chat to affect the community positively.

For now, we will keep running the exchange with chatting function as experiment.

Updates that currently we are working on:

-Development Lock up mining system
-New partnership
-Planning new chart
Currently working on implementing Tradingview
-Listing new cryptocurrencies Listing tokens that have won the past free listing promotions(IDGX,KIZ)
-Listing promotions
We are considering 3rd free RT listing promotion and new event using voting function.

Recently we received a question

I believe this is a good opportunity to explain the current marketing situation to our supporters.
So, what is happening with the project, did we give up?
The answer is strong NO.

We understand that comparing to the period where we where giving 40 million CHE away only for retweeting our tweets or holding some random giveaway events every month our community seems quiet , especially the discord.

If anyone asked to any one of the team member “When was the last time you worked the hardest?” they would answer “Now”.
It’s not like we weren’t working hard the other period, of course.
I believe those time where we had to build everything from the scratch was really challenging and fun for both team and community.

But later we realized that something was missing, product that actually represents our project - the exchange.
There’s no much reasonable reason to keep marketing your project when there’s no actual product that support it.
Things in last year was becoming a mess, we were discussing what kind of event do we start the next month, where should we hold meet-up next, announce the events, announce the plans, bounties, bounties to spread the events that will give bounties…it was becoming like a good old meme “Tomorrow we will announce that we will have an announcement”
Of course we were also developing the exchange, but we didn’t have enough communication with the developer team.
The things that actually had to be focused on weren’t focused and the development didn’t progress as it was planned.

This year is different. We have fired all the early developer team. All.
It may caused delay in the schedule of the project, but I’m sure we can progress many times faster than previous team.
This year, we traveled several countries to find the best developers.
We had a discussion with every one of the team.

This year, we are prepared to go through all the disappointment from our community for not marketing the project enough for certain period and start marketing the project and when there’s actual product that support it.

Yes, now he have the exchange.
CryptoHarbor Exchange Beta https://crypto-harbor.com/
But we believe the quality is not good enough. “BETA” can’t be an excuse.
We believe that we can improve this more and more. We will.

We really want to make this project to keep running in a long term and we are working based on this philosophy.
Currently we are not putting effort on the marketing of the exchange, in instead, we are putting effort on improving the quality of the exchange, because this will be the core of the project and this will be where most people will review the project based on.
When the partnership we working on now completes, the design and each functions of the exchange improves and the moment we are going to implement lock up mining function we will start our marketing program at full scale.
We are already contacting several cryptocurrency medias that you might know.
We are not giving up. We believe in this project.

Promotions going on:
-Post article about us
We will choose 3 winners out of anyone who post an article about us in English,Japanese or Korean.
The prize is 500k — 50k CHE!

We will give 2,000 ~ 10,000 CHE to anyone who report spell miss or bug to us!!:
*In case we receive report about the same topic, the bounty will be given to the first reporter.
-Bounty distribution starting date
We have already started the distribution of the bounty.
We will send the bounty in order.

4/28 to 5/4

We are working on the development of lock up mining and improvement of the website design at full scale.
We strongly we believe lock up mining will be the best function of the exchange.

Details of lock up mining at:

CryptoHarbor Project

The mission of our project is to create our own unique eco system called "CryptoHarbor" It's a special economic zone where the economic activities will take place using our cryptocurrency called "CHE" token.


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CryptoHarbor Project

The mission of our project is to create our own unique eco system called "CryptoHarbor" It's a special economic zone where the economic activities will take place using our cryptocurrency called "CHE" token.