What are we going to do before Full launch?

Apr 19 · 3 min read

Thanks to every supporters, we opened CryptoHarbor Exchange BETA at 8th of April
Currently we are working on improving the exchange.

We have completed the maintenance of Deposit function of the Exchange.

Here is the list of what are we going to fix&implement before the full launch:

  • Fixing bugs and misspelling that was reported by users

Most of the serious bugs are fixed.
We will soon work on improving the design after implementing few new functions.

  • Development of Voting function

Users will be able to vote using CHE

  • Development of Lock up mining system

Users will be able to lock up CHE and participate to CHE&CHEX mining program.

  • Simplification and change of KYC system

Currently it requires 5 type of documents, we are working on to change this to 3 documents.

  • New partnership

Stay tuned.

  • Planning new chart system

We want improve the chart design

  • Listing new cryptocurrencies

Listing new cryptocurrencies that won the previous events.

NageChe (Tip bot on Discord, Telegram, Kakao Talk and other SNS):

We have completed the maintenance of NageChe.

NageChe doesn’t have KYC or function to choose the users, anyone is able to use it.
Due to wallet regulations and legal risks that are expected to be introduced in the future NageChe will be out of service at 3rd of May.

Currently only withdraw function is alive.

To anyone who has CHE on NageCHE, please withdraw all CHE before 3rd of May.

Your kind understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

- Paycent promotion code

We have issued promotion code of Paycent card for all our community!

Currently Paycent card enables you to enjoy shopping at any UnionPay member store using your cryptocurrency, and now they are working to enable to enjoy shopping also in any Mastercard member store!


Issuing card is free
Card Delivery (DHL/FedEx) 49$

By using promotion code you get 4 dollar discount!

*Promotion is active until end of April 30

- Post article about us

We will choose 3 winners out of anyone who post an article about us in English,Japanese or Korean.

The prize is 500k — 50k CHE!



We will give 2,000 ~ 10,000 CHE to anyone who report spell miss or bug to us!!: support@cryptoharbor.net

*In case we receive report about the same topic, the bounty will be given to the first reporter.

- Bounty distribution starting date

Currently we are focusing everything on fixing bug and improving exchange system.

After we improve the exchange at certain level, we will start bounty distribution and marketing again.


1.Access bug fixed

2. We are still working at SMTP provider configuration.

This was improved at 17th of April

3.Deposit/withdraw functions maintenance done.

Working on changing the KYC system, first we are going to make Profile picture able to change.


1.Voting function 90% completed. Working on to fix few bugs and test.

2.Working on developing New token listing system, fixing few bug.

3.Discussion to decide what functions we will exactly implement before “Full launch”

4.Testing new KYC system


1.Discussion with other blockchain company about implementing new system and partnership

2.Testing new voting function

3.Testing new KYC function, testing and changing few system

4.Trading fee CHE-pay function improved and testing


  1. Final test phase of implementing new TFA system
  2. SMTP provider improved.
  3. Changing few system of new voting function


1.New TFA system completed.

2.Discussion with other blockchain company about partnership and new TFA audit

3.Updates on new voting system and lock up mining system concept.


1.Discussion about changing pew design of the exchange and development.

2.Working on improving chart system and design

3.Working on fixing bugs that was reported by users.

CryptoHarbor Project

The mission of our project is to create our own unique eco system called "CryptoHarbor" It's a special economic zone where the economic activities will take place using our cryptocurrency called "CHE" token.


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CryptoHarbor Project

The mission of our project is to create our own unique eco system called "CryptoHarbor" It's a special economic zone where the economic activities will take place using our cryptocurrency called "CHE" token.