about mating part 2

We introduced in the previous article that a foal born at the mating takes over the various parameters of the parent racehorse.

This time we would like to explain matings and genetics in more detail.

It’s a bit complicated story, but please read it.


Racehorses have various parameters such as the ability to influence the race, the color of the body, the shape of the mane and so on.

When mating, those parameters will be handed over from the parent horse to the born foal. We call it genetic in the same way as reality.

Inheritance of parameters

In the case of mating, it is the talent and the number of matings named Stable to be related to how much the talent to influence the race is inherited.

In the case of mating, it is the talent of stable and the number of matings to be involved in how much the talent to affect the race will be inherited.


Stable is a factor that determines the probability how much parents’ talent will be inherited in heredity.

The talent to be carried over by genetics will change to a certain extent, but the higher stable of the parent horse, the higher the possibility that the foal becomes similar to the parent horse.

On the contrary, if stable is low, there is a high possibility that a foal that does not resemble a parent horse will be born. However, although there is a low probability, there are also cases where strong foals exceeding the talent of the parent horse are born.

When mating between strong race horses, it is better that the stable is higher, in the case of weak race horses, the one with lower stable may be reversed and a stronger horse may be born.

number of mating

When the same racehorse mating over and over again, the ability to inherit talent gradually wanes.

A born foal may have higher or lower talent, when the hereditary ability declines, the probability that talent will be low gradually increases.

Therefore, rare horses and highly talent horses should be kept as planned as possible by minimizing the number of matings.
Then you will be able to make a strong racehorse more effectively.

Inheritance of abilities

The ability that the parent horse had possessed is inherited to the foal.

Running style

Among those displayed as ability, the running style such as “front runner” or “ stretch runner” displayed first are not inherited because they are automatically determined from the racehorse’s ability.

The ability other than the running style is inherited to the born foal by the mechanism of the genetic.

Rank of running style

Basically, as genetics repeats, ability rank gradually decreases.

Even if one parent horse has S rank talent, if you do normally mating, it would be difficult to inherit S rank.

However, if mating with parents with ability of the same rank, born babies may develop higher ranking ability!

If you get a racehorse with a powerful ability, find the racehorse with the same ability as possible when mating.

Hidden ability

Ability is not only inherited from a parent horse to a foal, but in some cases it may be inherited from racehorses of a previous generation.

It means, depending on the combination of matings, there are times that a secret ability wakes up.

Come and try out different combinations of mating!

genetic of looks

The appearance of the racehorse will also be inherited to the foal horse born by the mating.

Inherited elements

The appearance elements inherited by mating are as follows.

  • body color
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • mane color
  • tail color
  • shape of leg hair
  • face pattern
  • leg pattern

Rarity of super rare racehorse

There is also an inheritance-free appearance.

For example, in the case of “The Red Hare” sold at pre-sale, it has a characteristic body pattern like a flame, but this is a valuable element that is only in “The Red Hare”, and it will not be handed over to the foal.

However, the unique red-brown body color that only “The Red Hare” possesses can be taken over to the foal.

Therefore, it is possible to keep the element as a descendant of “The Red Hare” on a foal horse, and to continue to ensure the uniqueness and rarity of super rare horse such as “The Red Hare”.

Thank you for reading so far.

Since it is still under development, there may be some adjustments and changes by release.

We think that mating is an important element in horse racing games.

We are considering various things, so please expect it!