about the “ability” of the racehorse

We will introduce the “ability” of the racehorse.

What is ability?

Ability is a special talent a racehorse uses during a race.

Racehorses can use ability to temporarily raise their abilities, to recover energy, or to obtain other effects.

It is planned that the ability can be used only once during the race.

Rank of ability

Even ability with the same name may have a different rank, and if the rank is high, the effect amount is large.

For example, the speed increase value is large, the duration of time to suppress energy consumption is long, and so on.

The rank of ability is divided into five stages of S, A, B, C, D in order from the top.

Conditions for exercising ability

In order to demonstrate talent during the race, the prerequisite must be met.

For example, there are various types such as simple conditions like “being a turf course” and complicated conditions such as “a course with poor turf condition at a certain distance”.

Of course, the ability with more complex conditions to demonstrate will have a greater effect.

Acquisition of ability

A racehorse can have up to three abilities.

There are three ways to Acquire ability,

  • mating
  • training
  • to race

Acquire ability in mating

When acquiring by mating, the ability and its rank to be expressed are determined depending on how much we inherit parents’ ability.

If the ability rank of the parent horse is high, it is more likely that the foal horse will inherit the high ranking ability.

Acquire ability in training

When training, I also plan the possibility of ability gaining when satisfying certain conditions.

Since there are many matters under consideration, please wait for the next report.

Acquire ability in the race

After the race, racehorse ability may wake up.

This is also under consideration for details, but it is going to be a surprise mechanism like waking up ability sleeping in the race horse’s pedigree.

If you can create effective synergies by combining the race situation, the racehorse’s ability, and the three abilities well, you will be able to get closer to the victory of the race.

Please try out various combinations of abilities when you start the game !