about the racehorse’s talent in the race

In CryptoDerby, we will show you how the racehorse’s talent will affect the race.

Please refer to when choosing a racehorse to bid on pre-sale.

The talent to influence the race

Speed / Stamina / Guts / Temper / Condition

Among the talents displayed as racehorse information, the above five directly influence the race result.

The talent other than the condition is represented by the rank of six ranks of S, A, B, C, D, E in order from the top.

Condition is a concept like horse weight in real horse racing, and it is expressed in five stages of expressions such as “bony”, “overweight” and “Best Condition”.

“Ability” of racehorses is also an important factor in racing, but we will introduce this separately.


It is a talent related to the speed of a racehorse.

In the race of Crypto Derby, there is a speed at which racehorses in the race can run without much energy. It is a concept like a cruising speed.

Cruising speed is calculated from speed, stamina and Guts. Speed has the biggest influence on the calculation at this time.

There is also a concept like accelerating power when competing with other race horses, and this is calculated from speed and guts. Speed also greatly affects this calculation.


Stamina is the talent to relate to racehorse endurance, energy and so on.

Stamina affects the cruising speed, but the biggest influence is the amount of energy the racehorse holds.

Depending on the development of the race, the racehorse may accelerate at a speed exceeding the cruising speed and then consume energy at that time.

It will not be able to accelerate once the energy runs out. Even a competing horse with high cruising speed and acceleration power, you will not get good results without a lot of energy.

Stamina is as important talent as speed.


During a race, racehorses compete to go forward as positions with other racehorses become close.

The important thing at this time is guts.

Higher guts increase the acceleration power when competition occurs.

Therefore, a horse with a high guts can compete against other horses and go forward.

Guts also affects the start dash talent immediately after the start of the race.

In addition, guts also affects the speed of the cruising speed as described before.


Temper represents the character of a racehorse. If temper is high, it is honest and quiet, and when it is low it becomes rough and rogue.

Temper affects good fuel economy in racing. A good temper racehorse can run with less energy consumption.

Also a good temper racehorse horse is becoming easier to position in the in-course during the race.

Therefore, it may be a little advantageous in terms of distance.


The condition changes randomly when racing or training, and influences the race result depending on what kind of condition it is.

However, it is always the best condition in the initial state, so there is no difference in the pre-sale stage.

talent affected outside racing

The following talents will be affected outside racing.

Stability / Growth Type / Potential

These talents affect the way to make foals in mating and how to grow in training.

We will explain in detail what kind of influence it is, so please look forward to it!