About update contents 2/7

Hello from the CryptoDerby team!

We made some improvements on 2/7.

The race grade has increased.

We have added a race of long entry time, 10 DCZ, 100 DCZ race.

While looking at the reaction of the user, we will gradually adjust the grades. In addition, we also modified the points earned for the race.

Also, not only the grade of the race, but also the difference between the turf and the dart, the difference between the weather and the day and night will also come out variously from now on!

Fine UI improvements

Naming of horses

From the list of possessed horse, you can now name the horse.

Various decimal notation

The notation in the present box also has a decimal point.

Detailed improvement

Other code modification etc.

Corresponding Token URI for OpenSea etc.


We will continue to do our best and we appreciate your continued support!