IOST integration for CryptoDerby

We decide to connect to IOST chain.

Last day we heard from IOST foundation, about IOST advantage of other blockchains. And after that, we decide to integrate our product CryptoDerby to IOST chains.

Their blockchain concept is so smart. and enough quick. and enough scalable. We believe IOST have a good future.

Because of that, even if here is no DAPPS market on the IOST, but we believe them.

And in same time , we are running for the node of IOST!

If we will be the node of IOST, we can receive many IOST, but we don’t use this for only ourselves, to share with game players, as a game prize.

Because our model is “to share many profit with users”. That is very good way for the next generation of blockchain games, we believe so.

We are expecting IOST chain!