The difference between turf and dirt, Influence of the weather (Track Condition)

Hello from the CryptoDerby team!

After maintenance scheduled for March 13 (Wednesday), a dirt course will be added.
Along with that, the balance has been adjusted, and the part where the weather and the condition have influenced the racehorse status will be more prominent.

The difference between the turf course and dirt course, the difference between the weather and the condition will be as follows.

There are 2 types of courses and 4 types of track conditions.

Course type

Going(course condition change with weather)
 2.Middle(light rain)
 4.Bad(heavy rain)


It is a course that can demonstrate all power of racehorse.
However, if the condition is Middle, Heavy or Bad (light rain, rain, heavy rain), the power will be limited.

The impact on racehorses increases with the strength of the rain and can be prevented as the status Temper is higher.


It is a hard-to-run course made of sand.
Compared to turf, racehorses can not exert their full strength.

The effect of dirt on racehorses can be preventedas the status Stability is higher.

In addition, dirt course has influence of track condition,
the dart course is easy to run when there is a lot of water, so conditions such as Bad will have less impact on the racehorse.

High stability racehorses are more resistant to dirt, and racehorses with high temper are less susceptible to the weather.