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The official release schedule of CryptoDerby

Hello from the CryptoDerby team! Blockchain gaming is gaining in popularity, are you playing various games?

For those of you who participated in our presale and beta, we’ve kept you waiting… but wait no more! We’re about to go live.

The official launch of CryptoDerby Version 1.0 can be found on our official website on Jan 31st, 2019.

We’ve taken great strides forward since our beta 2 and you’ll find that Version 1.0 implements all the basic functionality of the game.

On the development side, there are so many things we want to achieve on our roadmap yet we feel it’s equally important to give the users a feel for the game.

In addition, CryptoDerby is teaming up with several digital coins who share our values, ambitions and intentions to keep CryptoDerby an exciting, progressive blockchain based game. Our choices in partnerships are driven not by company size or market cap, but a vision to do something fun together.

Currently, our partnerships are as below:

Each coin has its own characteristics and CryptDerby will support these coins. Also, each coin holder has a different community. In order to expand the users, CryptDerby also aims at reaching those communities and at the same time try to make a game that the community can enjoy!

Functions of official release version

・Sounds and effects in racing scenes were added!
Sound and visual effects in the race scene etc. were implemented. Racing vision just got a whole lot better!

Breeding is now possible!

You will be able to breed new racehorses using your stallions (male horses) and broodmares (female horses).

Racehorses are born inheriting elements from both sides and include attributes such as speed, stamina, body color, mane shape, tail shape, talent possessed.
Try various combinations and create your strongest racehorse.

・Additional functions of the market

In addition to buying and selling of racehorses tried in beta version, you will now be able to lease stallions to other users for breeding.(buying and selling stallion services)

You can stand an excellent stallion to earn DCZ, and buy a service from someone’s excellent stallion to breed with your own broodmare. You may be able to breed strong racehorses that can not be bred with just the racehorses you have.

・Present box

In beta, the earnings from races and sales from the market which were directly added to your DCZ balance. However from Vresion 1.0, these earnings will be made available to you via a present box. This will make it easier to understand how much you earned in a single race and how much your racehorse was sold for.

・Import function from Ethereum

It is possible to import and use racehorses on the wallet corresponding to Ethereum. Please note that you can not return to wallet for a while if you import racehorses in the official release version.

(The export function from game to wallet will be released soon)

A tutorial with which you can easily play the game is displayed.

You will be able to see the help for each screen from the help button on the header.


  • 日本語
  • English
  • 简体中文・繁體中文
  • 한국
  • العربية

(For languages other than Japanese, please also refer to “Multilingual support” below.)

Game strategy information

CryptoDerby is a “game”.

Buying assets and “earning” assets is the core attraction of CryptDerby.

Below we will touch on the most common points about the game.

About the race

In CryptoDerby, the right to run in a race is determined through an auction.

For each race, the maximum number of entry slots is 10. People who want to enter a horse must bid for a race slot. According to the winning bids in order of highest bidder to lowest, racehorses will line up with the first barrier (the best barrier), the second barrier, the third barrier and so on.

There are many races with varying prices to cater for all users.

If you win the race you get reward, however please note the following important point about racing your horses.

Every time a racehorse enters a race, the required waiting time until it can race again (commonly known as cooldown) will be extended, so it will take more time before it can race again. (the ability of the racehorse will not change, instead, it rises with more racing!)

If you do not enter your horse at all in any races, the ability of the horse will not rise and you can’t earn assets.

You will be asked to decide which race you want to go out with aiming for the target race.

About breeding

In CryptoDerby you can breed horses.

You can breed a new racehorse with a stallion (male) and a broodmare (female).

The first foal has the highest probability of inheriting the parent’s best attributes. This applies to both sires and broodmares. Therefore, th combination you choose for the first foal is a very important factor.

This applies to all horses, even when you list them on the market so make sure you take this into consideration when listing your horses on the market.

We feel that the game is best learnt by playing, so try and race your horses to get a feel for the game. Let’s play!

About horse parameters and talents

Each racehorse has its own parameters and talents.

These parameters are passed on to the progeny through breeding.

If you think you have a horse with very rare talents and don’t want to pass it to other progeny (potentially giving access to the talent to other players), one possible strategy could be to keep your horse without breeding it.

Also, please note that the name of the racehorse can not be changed once it is assigned!

(depending on problems such as public order and morals, copyright, etc., the management side may change the name)


Due to the impending release of the game, there are some notes when playing with CryptoDerby. Our apologies in advance.

You can not export your horse outside of the game

The function of exporting racehorses to external blockchains such as Ethereum will be released soon.

Currently only the function to import racehorses purchased from pre-sale etc. from the outside is implemented. Therefore, be careful if you want to handle racehorses on the public chain of Ethereum without importing into the game.


Although it is included as a function, there may be some language anomalies that a native speaker might pick up on. Regarding multilingual language, we decided that it would be better to play the game even if they are still in an incomplete state. Please contact us if you find a strange sentence. We will pay some rewards.

About bug

The development team regularly responds to bugs, but there could still be bugs that haven’t yet been discovered.

Please report bugs to this customer support portal.

In addition, we are accepting new features and suggestions for improvement at any time, so please send it from this portal.

CryptoDerby wishes to be the game which advances development in accordance with everyone’s opinion. Thank you.

We will also announce details of the racecourse cloud sale campaign later, so please wait.

We appreciate your continued support!



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