TRON integration for CryptoDerby

Like IOST, we decide to connect with TRON.

What it means?

Basically,, in first we should explain our architecture.

We are developing our own off chain technology “GX Engine” that engine can connect to many blockchains with thin layer interface.

Most of games don’t do that, but we do this. Because this architecture is really suitable for the game, we believe.

And now TRON economy is good. At, so many TRON games are ranked in .

And TRON can use solidity for smartcontract, that is very good for our project. to port to TRON is easy for us.

We believe if we connect our product to TRON platform, we can earn x10 revenue from TRON platform.

And that revenue is not only for our revenue, this is a resource of the prize for the game players. We will share that revenue with game players, that is next generation game economy.

Ethereum is really good platform now, but that is not only one DAPPS platform in the future!