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Creative Commons, Blockchain and NFTs.

About 2.5 years ago, during the height of the Blockchain craze, I created a Creative Commons Musical with a group of creators in Singapore. It was an experiment. I was intrigued by the concept of Open Source in the technology space and I wanted to see how it would manifest in the creative space.

And so with this premise, the heat was on. I said Yes to Dave Lim who was organising Campus Party in July 2018 and I had about 26 days before the event to create, practise and put together this mini-musical.

So this is a story of how a bunch of mavericks put together a mini-musical in 26 days with 0 songs, 0 content, 0 participants and almost 0 budget, what I learnt in the process, what does it all got to do with blockchain and what now with NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

Here’s a summary of the behind the scenes of what happened and the lead up to the performance at Campus Party.

So what have I learnt? I learnt that when we put our minds and hearts together as a collective, we can do great things as a community.

Creative Commons has various rights and permissions that allow for different types of collaborations. The permission that we chose was Attribution-Not for Commercial CC By-NC.

At the end of the 26 days, we had 30 minutes of content, which includes 6 songs. 2 songs by Tammy Ying, 1 song by Clayton, 1 poet set to music by Iris Koh and 2 more songs by Iris Koh. We even had a dance, drama and lots of action.

I’m very proud of the team of creators / musicians / actors as well as complete amateurs who put this feat together. I think it’s a bit like making a stone soup.

I have a “stone” (In this case, a Creative Commons Musical based on the idea of “What If”) Everyone else add their “carrots” (music) , “peas” (stories), “potatoes” (ideas) and we make a soup and the result was something which I know I never would have been done if I were to do it by myself.

So what enables the collaboration? At the start of my project, I mentioned to everyone that it was an experimental project and all participants will be credited with IKI tokens for their time and effort. It was also based on the premise that everyone has some “excess capacity” in terms of time / talent etc that are not fully utilized. And in my years of putting some memorable musical projects together, I know that there are people who would always want to exercise their creativity, meet other creative people and have a great time putting a piece of work together.

That was back in July 2018. 2.5 years have passed since then. Blockchain went through a winter and honestly the infrastructure for what I would like to do at that point was not built yet technologically.

Fast forward to now, March 2021. NFT or Non Fungible Tokens have evolved from Crypto Kitties to NFT art and other collectibles. The vision that I had back then where artists could earn recurring royalties from their work has given rise to a new Art Finance in the Crypto space. This is all very exciting.

I believe also that for the first time in history, we are approaching a Creator’s Economy because so much stuff is being created and generated on the internet and perhaps blockchain is helping all of us to finally catch up on how creators can properly be credited and financially rewarded for their intellectual properties.

The future is bright.

I would like to thank and credit the “What If” cast members and crew for coming together and being part of the 26 day experiment.
Cast: Alan Ardy, Alvina Liew, Bobby Teh, Clayton Oh, Evan Phu, Hangi, Ho Wai Hong, Ivan Tan, Natalie Boesch, Queenezie, Sean Lee, Shannon Zann Su, Tammy Ying, Queenezie, Yvonne Seah.

I would be doing a casting call again for the new team in the next Creative Commons project where we will collaborate, work on some stuff, mint some NFTs and join the next big wave in blockchain. Do drop me a message / join my mailing list and you will be in touch with all that is happening in this space!



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