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A Slight Rescheduling

As many of you know, the CryptoKitties mobile experience hasn’t arrived yet. As we continue to work with Apple to figure out how to bring the best CryptoKitties experience possible to the iOS ecosystem, we haven’t forgotten about all the other mobile users in the world. So, on that note, we have been working on an Android app for a few weeks now, and if everything goes according to plan, we should have that out soon.

China is a mobile-dominated market, and our push into China was timed to match our expected mobile release. Without mobile support, the number of Chinese users able to easily access CryptoKitties isn’t anywhere near where it should be, for us as developers or for you as the community.

While the Android release is hopefully very close, it’s starting to look like Golden Dragon Kitty is likely to get sold before we can get it broadly distributed. It would be a shame if the Golden Dragon Kitty — created explicitly for the Chinese launch — wasn’t available to the vast majority of our Chinese users!

For that reason we’ve decided to cancel the auction and restart it upon Android launch — at the same price as today, and with the same duration within the auction.

Of course, there is no formal “pause” function for the auction contract, but what we can do is cancel the auction, and — when the Android app is out in the market along with some of our new campaigns launching — we’ll restart the auction with the exact same price and remaining time as exists today. We’re not changing the price or time of auction, just timing the auction period to allow for our Chinese fans to have a clean shot.



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