New animation illustrates how blockchain works behind the scenes — through the birth of a CryptoKitty

Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Darkness. Pregnant, waiting.

A flash of light. A givebirth function sparks in the void. Data, genes, and traits wrapped up in a sparkling sphere, a marble containing everything a CryptoKitty will become.

The marble slips into cyberspace, rolls through wires and connectors, enters the Ethereum network and comes to rest, at least, in the hands of a miner. Something magical begins.

CRACK. The miner splits the marble open, hungry fingers scrabbling for data. Two parents’ genetic codes, diamonds and sapphires that eat the light, spread across the operating table.

In the cool light the codes are examined, discarded, selected, and mixed. Elements of each parent separated and recombined, a creature growing slowly on a smooth stand.

Its code is written in stone and light, immortalized. So long as Ethereum stands, so too will this CryptoKitty, newborn and blinking in the bright light.

Come meet your friend.

Why we brought blockchain to life

It’s a beautiful image, isn’t it? It’s the birth of a CryptoKitty, and you can watch it in Bringing Blockchain to Life. This interactive art piece is an insightful look at the emerging technology that powers cryptocurrencies and digital cats alike.

We wanted to demystify what happens behind your screen

Blockchain can be confusing, especially for those of us without advanced computer science degrees. That’s why we decided to bring it to life using animation. From the mind of Guile Gaspar, the piece showcases the innovative ways blockchain technology allows us to experience art — from overcoming the challenge of digital ownership to empowering digital scarcity.

Why did we choose to make art? Why not, say, an infographic?

While blockchain may not yet be for everyone, art certainly is. Since each CryptoKitty is a piece of unique, uncopyable art, we’ve always been intensely interested in how blockchain will redefine the digital art ecosystem. And of course, art connects to people on an emotional level, making complex concepts easier to grasp.

Where can you experience this delicate delight?

Bringing Blockchain to Life is an interactive website. Just click, scroll, and enjoy.


Collect and breed digital cats with CryptoKitties, the world's most successful blockchain game:


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Collect and breed digital cats with CryptoKitties, the world’s most successful blockchain game — built on the Ethereum network.


Collect and breed digital cats with CryptoKitties, the world's most successful blockchain game:

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