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CryptoKitties, not cryptocurrencies!

TL;DR I want you to foster/create a cat that will digitally live forever. Scroll to the second last paragraph for more details.

So we’re putting cats on the blockchain.

If you have to have ask why, I’m probably not going to satiate you with any answer I can muster. None-the-less here’s two thoughts:

  1. Blockchains are going to underpin vast portions of our online and offline lives. The ability to socialize and normalize that seems a worthy goal.

2. I want to build things millions of people will use. The hack here is kittehs.

So you’re doing an ICO?

Noooope. Two reasons:

  1. Because ICOs are now a dirty word, the weapon of choice of scoundrels and thieves.

2. I can think of no reason why you should use kittycoins instead of raw ether as the rain for this ecosystem. Adding our own coin wouldn’t make a better product for our users.

So yes we plan on making money, when people use our website to perform transactions on the blockchain we’ll take a cut, but this is not a get rich quick scheme.

What we are doing is releasing thousands of CryptoKitties with unique genetic codes that can be bred and combined in strange and fun new ways.

Alpha Kitties. Meow.

A momentary detour to Lego.

When Lego was tanking in the 90s and the greatest toy of the last century seemed set to expire, they pulled back from the brink and I’m pretty sure it’s because of sets. Instead of buying colourful but essentially random bricks, you bought bespoke bricks that could be assembled to create specific and amazing branded sets, OR reassembled in any weird and wonderful way you want.

Lego is fun. Meow.

And then we realized that’s what we need in CryptoKitties. We need optional goals for those who aim to complete. We need castles at the end of levels, even if the level isn’t linear, everybody likes the fireworks. So we created Fancy Cats.

Introducing Fancy Cats.

Fancy Cats are CryptoKitties with custom art, as opposed to the modular art that empowers our nigh-limitless breeding algorithm. They might be inspired by pop culture, influencers, or pawticularly good cat puns. While it’s possible to breed a black cat with wings, Dracula Cat would feature a distinct and completely original look.

Fancy Cats are offered in limited capacity, and they often have been fostered by somebody who believes in our vision of cats on the blockchain. This includes influencers, advisors or fans who want to leave their permanent mark on the CryptoKitty universe.

Here are a few Fancy Cat concepts we’re considering:

  • The Great Catsby
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Oedipuss
  • Chairman Meow
  • Cleocatra

Note: Fancy Cats don’t need to have puns for their name, but it sure is fun if they do.

Are you willing to foster a Fancy Cat?

If you’re the kind of person who can get behind cats on the blockchain I’d love to hear from you. Tweet to me (Mack Flavelle) or even get old fashioned and send an email:

One last thing.

Also, a worthy side note, our team attended the EthWaterloo conference this weekend and launched our Alpha. It went absurdly well, with hundreds of users, thousands of cats bred and real love from the community of Ether purists gathered there.



Collect and breed digital cats with CryptoKitties, the world's most successful blockchain game:

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