Get granular with breeding and show off your CryptoKitties

The KittyVerse isn’t all about fun and games — sometimes it’s just about fun. This week we’re introducing you to two tools. CKBox brings data to your doorstep, while NiFTY Gallery lets you flaunt ’em if you got ‘em.


CKBox is a Chrome extension that enriches the CryptoKitty player experience. It includes a passive mode that makes use of the data already available on the CryptoKitties website, giving added functionality to help you breed,and an active mode that lets you fetch full gene data on your Kitties.

The extension was built by Papa, who you may remember is already our hero.

He wanted to create CKBox because he knew it could really help someone; the best part of it is meeting players who really love what CKBox can do for them.

To build it, he really had to push his engineering knowledge. Blockchain requires completely different thinking. It’s more similar to large-scale factory management software, and very different from common database and website development.

That challenge was worth it! Updates have included Cattribute charts, integration with CryptoGoods, and interaction with the Cat Codex and Special Cat pages. But now, Papa is doing something different. Something pretty dang fun. Oh, it’s also a game, so we lied earlier about this being all fun and no games.

That’s right — Papa built a memory game into CKBox!

Playable on the Cat Codex and Special Cat pages, Schrödinger’s Lab is a classic memory game that uses Kitties as the game features. You’ll find a link to it on the bottom left of every Cat Codex page. Play against selected Fancy Cats to figure out which Kitties are in which boxes and rescue them! The cards are your own collection of Kitties, so you can play with 1, 3, 10, 21, or moar! Kitties.

Get the extension, get the game, and get playing! We haven’t done any work since we started testing it for this article. Don’t tell Bryce…

NiFTY Gallery

Have you ever wanted to design and share customizable collections of all your digital assets? Now you can thanks to NiFTY Gallery. It’s made by SPW Labs, a small team of experienced founders who’s been building consumer-focused products for years. You’re probably familiar with CryptoGoods, their other main project. If you’re already on that platform you can create a shareable CryptoGoods profile to highlight your different collections on NiFTY Gallery, and earn badges for collecting.

It’s great to see how CryptoKitties players are already organizing collectibles from all kinds of different games: sometimes separately, sometimes together. It shows how diverse the cryptocollectibles ecosystem is becoming.

SPW Lab’s biggest challenge making NiFTY Gallery was creating a way for people to show off their cryptocollectibles in unique ways so that each collection felt different and special. They solved the problem using themes, which can completely change how you can view and interact with a collection.

The project is constantly evolving, so head on over and see what it looks like now, and come back soon to see the next iteration!