Here’s how to find the right CryptoKitty

The new Catalogue feature finds you the perfect Kitty to buy or breed with

There’s nothing like the warm glow of bringing home the perfect kitten. Watching it don a funny costume, or grab a pillow and enter a fierce battle for cuddly dominance… Okay, buying a new CryptoKitty is slightly different from buying a regular kitten.

There are over 800,000 Kitties (and growing) out there, though, and selecting the purrfect addition to your new family can be daunting. It’s one thing if you’re determined to bring home a fluffy unicorn, or if you want a Maine Coon that looks exactly like your IRL feline, Whiskers. But what if you don’t know what you want?

The Catalogue brings Kitties to your fingertips

If you want to browse the best meows without having to know just what you’re looking for, the Catalogue is for you. It groups Kitties into four categories.

  • New Arrivals
  • Latest Cattributes, subdivided by Kitties with those Cattributes
  • Fancy Cats
  • Exclusive Cats

Now you can check out the newest cats, find cats rocking Cattributes as rare as an easily-trained Scottish Fold, or hunt for the best (or most affordable!) Fancy and Exclusive Cats.

If you do know what you’re looking for, the Marketplace isn’t going away

The Marketplace will now simply be called “Search”, and it will operate exactly the same way it always has. Here, discerning buyers can look for specific Cattributes, shop by Fancy variety, and sort by Generation and Age.