Kicking it with Boot and the greatest football event on Earth

Every four years, billions of Kitties (and people) around the globe unite in a shared passion for football. It’s the biggest sporting event in the world, and we couldn’t let it pass us by.

So, for the first time ever we made an entire set of Fancy Cats: eight football fanatic Kitties, each proudly wearing the colours of one of the quarter finalist teams. Of course, we had no idea who was going to win the Cup, and that made our job… a little tricky. We had to be able to quickly release these Fancies once the quarter finalists were confirmed, but we couldn’t spare the cat-power to prep them in advance. So, we designed a Fancy for every single team in the qualifying round, and we got those designs up to about 20% of where they would need to be to launch.

Then, we followed the teams to see who was winning. Once the finalists were narrowed down to 16, we brought those 16 Kitties up to 80% completion. Poor 8 Kitties who will never see the light of day! Finally, we kicked 8 over the goal line when the semi finals began!

Although there are 8 unique Fancies, they’re actually each a variant on the same Fancy — Boot. Their colours are different, and you can collect all 8 as a set, but keep in mind you only need one Boot to complete your Special Cat Codex. This is the first time we’ve ever had a Fancy Cat with varying colours, so we’d love to know how you feel about the idea, as it’s a great test for future plans: sets, collections, the sky’s the limit! Speaking of limits…

This Fancy is time limited, available until the scheduled kickoff of the famous event on July 15th at 8:00AM PT. After that, you won’t see these kicker Kitties again… Or at least not for four more years! (Note: You need to hit breed and have time for the transaction to be accepted, the Kitty to be born, and our website to process the birth before the deadline. In other words? Make sure you give yourself plenty of margin for error!)

With that in mind, meet Boot.

“Hey, sport! I’m Boot, and I’ve loved the beautiful game since I was a beautiful kitten. Some people call it football, which is weird because pawball makes more sense. Is it offside to ask if you’d join my team? I need a winger, and I’ve heard you’ve got fancy footwork.”

Kitty Hats, one of our first KittyVerse partners, has also created a lineup of football-themed accessories for your cats to make them even more customizable. If you don’t have a Boot of your own, why not add a soccer ball hat, a gold trophy, or even a pile of vuvuzelas to one of your non-Fancy Kitties?

We chased these Kitties during our Thursday Purrsday community event Thursday, July 5th at 12:00 PM PDT. We gave you these four clues:

The first Boot wasn’t discovered during the course of the stream, so BitcoinLouie kept the party going until this beautiful critter was found an hour and a half later.

Don’t forget, you have until July 15th to breed Boot. See if you can collect one of each team, or pick your favourite and cheer them across the pitch!

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