KittyVerse creators are magical

KittyVerse creators received a special surprise to celebrate their contributions to the CryptoKitties community

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the KittyVerse, that realm of experiences that supports and uplifts CryptoKitties into a dynamic platform. We’re thrilled with all of the third-party games and tools that are being created, and we wanted to show our appreciation to the community creators behind it all.

That’s why, without so much as a whispurr, we secretly created 50 Furlins and dropped the Exclusive Kitty into the wallets of 23 project creators.

“Behold, master, I am Furlin. The collective wisdom of 999 lives swirls within my white-whiskered head, so forgive me if sometimes I’m forgetful. Only the mightiest mages and sauciest sorcerers of the KittyVerse may make use of my cat-aclysmic powers.”

Making Furlin was fun, but it was nothing compared to the joy we got watching Discord blow up as people slowly discovered the new Exclusives (it took about 15 minutes for @bombard_kb to notice their Furlin and post about it on Discord!). Here are some of our favourite examples of people losing their minds over Furlin.

Not only did Furlin thank this generation of devs and creators — it’s already inspiring the next.

If you’re interested in getting started with a KittyVerse project, head over to the website to learn more about the Nifty Kitty Program, or visit our Discord dev channel for help from our supportive community!