To celebrate one million CryptoKitties, here are some of the weirdest

They’re good cats, Bront

This week CryptoKitties hit a major milestone with the birth of our millionth Kitty (nice work, everybody). That special Kitty, Vulcat, is an Exclusive, and that makes them pretty hot. But every Kitty is special and beautiful in its own way. To celebrate a million adorable digital cats, we’re looking back through some of our favourites.

Some are beautiful on the outside! Some are beautiful in… other ways. For this list, we gathered some particularly weird cats born on the road to a million.

And please remember, just because these cats look funny to us doesn’t mean they’re not the image of perfection to someone else! That’s what makes CryptoKitties so great: each is unique and uncopyable, and every one can mean something special to its owner.

But, back to business. Of course, this list only scratches the surface — the strange, homely surface — of the stranger Kitties in the game. We’d love to see your bizarre creations. Share them on Twitter or Discord!


DerpFace actually won an Ugliest Kitty contest back in the early days of CryptoKitties. The wall-eyes, the buck teeth, the antlers… a truly unfortunate combination. Considering one of Derp’s parents is a ninja, family gatherings must be interesting.

Since Derp was born we’ve released a ton of new Cattributes, creating opportunities for even more heinous combinations.

Kitte Conbest

Are those wings? Or fins? Does it matter? Kitte Conbest is a cat so strange they’ve been banished to the ocean floor — but we just had to surface them for this list. Considering the bloodshot gaze, though, there’s a good chance that water is heavily chlorinated, not salty.

Badger Killed by Winchester

What to say about Badger Killed by Winchester? The name is poetic and somehow perfectly captures the aesthetic of this Kitty: a garish, clashing colour scheme; smug, self-satisfied eyes; a long, delicate moustache; and insectoid wings. But the worst part is that they like country music.

Young Abragwai

Meet Young Abragwai, a nightmare unicorn with alien peepers that could only have come from beyond our known universe. The colours and pattern aren’t bad, but everything from the neck (such as it is) up is truly disconcerting. Judging by the frown, Abragwai isn’t happy about it either. Maybe it would be better for everyone if they returned to their homeworld.


Catbury is one of our most unsettling creations. Half-cat, half chocolate bunny, and half-dead, Catbury is an oozing, deformed, frightening mess. This tragic Fancy Cat isn’t long for this world, so admire it while you can.