Will you be the first to breed these imaginary CryptoKitties?

With 207 traits currently in the game, some combinations have never been hit. Will you be the first?

Every single CryptoKitty has a unique hash, a long string of numbers that identify it on the blockchain. But most Kitties also look unique — it’s incredibly hard to find a pixel clone of your cat. And that’s because there are so many possibilities to unlock!

Did you know that, with 207 unique traits, there are so many utterly unique combinations of traits that we couldn’t even understand the math our engineers did to figure out the final number? (It was something like 10,240,000,000,000, but there was a lot of back and forth about just how many billions there really were.) We’ve barely scraped the surface of what your CryptoKitties could look like. So we decided to produce six mythical Kitty combinations. These cats have never been bred — and you could be the first to make them a reality.

El Dorado

It’s been possible to breed this sweet and simple Kitty from Day One! We should call this an honorary Founder Kitty.

ragamuffin — fur
simple — eyeshape
jaguar — pattern
happygokitty — mouth
orangesoda — base colour
chocolate — highlight colour
kittencream — accent colour
chestnut — eye colour


What more Classy Cat is there than the all black kitten with boots and mittens? And of course we can’t forget that white tipped tail. This one sure could tickle your ivories.

selkirk — fur
topoftheworld — mouth
spock — pattern
wowza — eyeshape
onyx — base colour
pearl — highlight colour
shale — accent colour
eclipse — eye colour

Spacedy Cat

Since we released environmental traits you’ve been breeding them like crazy. But since avatar was only recently released, this neurotic Kitty hasn’t yet been unlocked.

confuzzled — mouth
avatar — pattern
sweetmeloncakes — eyeshape
balinese — fur
finalfrontier — environment
lavender — base colour
universe — highlight colour
daffodil — accent colour
babypuke — eye colour

All That Glitters is Gold

Only superstars break the mold, and this All Star knows diamonds are a Kitty’s best friend. Wait, that’s a different song. Whatever. This Kitty is rocking it.

dioscuri — eye colour
fabulous — eyeshape
whixtensions — mouth
henna — pattern
koladiviya — fur
juju — environment
koala — base colour
garnet — highlight colour
buttercup — accent colour

LaFee Verte

You don’t need to drink an entire bottle of absinthe to see this Kitty. Just get your hands on every green trait, slap on some flapflaps, and don’t forget those adorable kurilian ears.

pinefresh — eye colour
whixtensions — mouth
buzzed — eyeshape
highsociety — pattern
flapflap — wild
kurilian — fur
martian — base colour
swampgreen — highlight colour
seafoam — accent colour


Is there anything more diabolical than a demon with glowing ember eyes and whiskers you could twirl? Don’t sign any contracts with this Kitty — — but petting is encouraged.

mainecoon — fur
tigerpunk — pattern
neckbeard — mouth
slyboots — eyeshape
daemonhorns — wild
redvelvet — base colour
scarlet — highlight colour
shale — accent colour
pumpkin — eye colour

Jem and the Catagrams

If you wanted one cat beside you on the road to 80s femme hair rock stardom, it would be the Kitty with cinderella fur and a razzle dazzle smile (I know, I know, it’s a pattern, just go with it).

tongue — mouth
ragdoll — fur
bornwithit — eyeshape
razzledazzle — pattern
cinderella — base colour
garnet — highlight colour
cashewmilk — accent colour
bubblegum — eye colour

Queen Snowball

Breed the queen of the litter and get yourself a Kitty whose rosy cheeks make it clear that THAT IS SNOW, PEOPLE.

laperm — fur
calicool — pattern
cheeky — mouth
oceanid — eyeshape
frozen — environment
cloudwhite — base colour
skyblue — highlight colour
sully — accent colour
forgetmenot — eye colour

A Kitty of your own

If you end up breeding any of these eight Kitties, we want to know! Email us at meow@cryptokitties.co and share the Kitty ID with the team.

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