Will you help real cats find furever homes?

CryptoKitties’ is partnering with non-profit Cat Town to use blockchain Kitties to help real cats

Cat Town’s mission is to transform how shelters approach saving cats. Their focus is to find great homes for elderly, frightened, stressed, and sick or injured cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide. They’ve already reduced the euthanasia rate at Oakland Animal Services by 70%! Now they’re seeing what crypto can do to help these vulnerable kitties — using CryptoKitties.

Earn chances to win an adorable Kitty while saving real world cats!

Through our Kitties for Good program, CryptoKitties and Cat Town have joined forces to save precious feline lives with blockchain. Every raffle ticket gives you one chance to win your own DogCat. This Exclusive Cat is one of our most popular (it won March Madness), and only sixteen exist!

How can you take this beauty home?

We’re raffling off DogCat! Every ticket is another entry into the raffle, and there are three ways to collect tickets.

  • Donate a Kitty to the Cat Town Wallet for one ticket. (Donated cats will be listed for 0.18 ether, so be sure not to donate cats that are worth a lot more than that! Players may donate one Kitty per day.)
  • Buy a donated Kitty from the Cat Town Wallet for 100 tickets. (All cats will be listed at 0.18 ether, which is currently ~$40 USD, and the money goes directly to Cat Town!)
  • Head to the Cat Town raffle site and snag a raffle package.

Save real cats, starting meow

The raffle starts on October 11th, 2018, with the draw happening October 21st, 2018. Don’t miss your chance to cuddle with such a good boy, who’s a good boy? Your very own DogCat!

And if you happen to be in the Oakland area, why not head down to Cat Town and find yourself a loving, overlooked furever friend?