Wonder which cats the CryptoKitties team loves?

These are some of our favourite felines

We’ve never been secretive about how much we love cats — from you, our community of cool cats, to the CryptoKitties we breed every day. The fact that one million CryptoKitties have been bred in less than a year blows our minds!

This past week, you hit that millionth cat — that’s purrty ameowzing. In honour of this milestone, we’re sharing some of the CryptoKitties team’s favourite Kitties to date, and their reasons why.

Intrepid Explorer

This intergalactic Kitty has us swooning (and checking the sky for UFOs).

“This is my favourite Kitty because it has my favourite Cattributes (finalfrontier + otaku + avatar) mixed with a cool colour. He’s just super cool. His traits make him look like a Kitty from another planet that came to visit us 👾 👽 🛸, haha!” — Renan


This simply sinister Kitty is actually one of the original CryptoKitties mascots — and is still yet to be bred! Will you be the one to finally bring Panther into the world?

“My absolute favourite is not a regular CryptoKitty. It’s Panther, our mascot. It still hasn’t been reproduced by the community!” — Arthur


This Fancy Cat is a tribute to the spring equinox. They’re part day, part night, and all cuteness. We can’t help but agree, those wonky, mismatched eyes are confusingly adorable.

“This is my favourite Kitty because it’s something I haven’t seen before. I love its ambivalent look 😀.” — Igor


This creamy cat makes us want to redecorate our apartments with velvet curtains and hexagonal furniture. Something about that colour combo is just purrfect.

“This is my favourite Kitty because it has such a soft colour palette, one of my favourite patterns, and it’s sticking its tongue out at me. I got this one while trying to breed a DuCat, but this is much prettier! I gave it a KittyHats rose too.” — Ralf


Don’t even think about challenging this player to a game of one-on-one, they talk a big game. Swish is a historical CryptoKitty — one of the very first sports-themed Fancy Cats!

“Swish is my favourite Kitty because the creative has so much movement to it, and it’s different than the average Kitty. Also I love basketball and love to see how that translates to a CryptoKitty. Oh, and the 90s colour theme is 🔥.” — Caty

Spacecat 5/10

Bat wings, monochromatic fur, and a galaxy not far, far away… this Kitty is clearly a star. Anyone else think this Kitty belongs in the band KISS?

“I love this Kitty because I like the understated use of monochrome colours paired with over-the-top everything else.” — Grady


When we say beauty is in eye of the beholder, we’re probably thinking about this team member’s Kitty (but don’t tell her that, she thinks he’s purrfect). His eyes say he knows secrets you don’t, but we’re pretty sure he’s just suffering from an identity crisis with that mishmash of Cattributes!

“I wanted a Kitty with a moustache and antlers. When I finally bred him and he also had amazing eyes, I loved him so much that I put him on a mug and bought him a bow-tie.” — Kelli

Sparkling Twilight Beauty

What a name. Proud parent syndrome is strong with this one. What’s most interesting about this pleasantly purple Kitty is their bio. This is the kind of Kitty that lures you in and then plays hard to get. Sires, beware!

“This is my favourite Kitty because it is a beautiful Gen 99 Kitty with my favourite eye combination: twilightsparkle + wingtips. If I could still play the game, this Kitty would have made so many amazing Gen 100 kitties, which was my ultimate goal.” — Alan

Are you alright?

Seriously, we’re asking ourselves that same question. This Kitty is strung out, man. Maybe it’s because they’re sitting in a pile of snow? Or perhaps they’re suffering from new parent sleep deprivation (though their offspring don’t look so assured, either). Whatever they’re suffering from, a bowl of warm milk would probably do this Kitty some good.

“This is my favourite Kitty because some people thought snow looked like piles of…other things. And combined with caffeine eyes it’s even more hilarious.” — Wren

Asking you to pick your favourite child — err, Kitty, is never an easy ask. Some of us had a hard time accepting that what was in our litters was the best we could do, so perhaps some newborns will come through to add to the list. Feeling competitive? Breed your best Kitty and share it with us on Twitter or Discord!