Year of the Dog(cat)

When you’re a cat-based game during the Year of the Dog, you start to feel left out.

Pictured: A very good CatDog. DogCat? 汪星爷!? Look, names are labels anyways…

The DogCats are out of the kennel

*Please note. This article has been updated as of 08/13/18. Updates are in bold.

DogCat’s out of the bag; in mere days, the community figured out the formula for DogCat and bred the maximum number. And here we tried to make it difficult for you…

Here’s what you need to know about this very special CryptoKitty:

  • It is no longer possible to breed DogCat.
  • The CryptoKitties team will be giving away sixteen very special Exclusive DogCats.

Introducing DogCat, AKA 汪星爷

DogCat is our first interspecies CryptoKitty — and yes, they’re still a CryptoKitty, albeit one who actually enjoys walkies. DogCat thinks you are just the absolute best, but before you get too big of a head, DogCat thinks everything is the absolute best (except for vacuums, fireworks, and small children with pinchy fingers).

With DogCat, we’re trying a new way of releasing Fancy Cats where we mint a small number of them and let the community infer the recipe rather than sending out hints for traits. This experiment was motivated by community feedback, so let us know what you think!

How do you get DogCat?

Only 88 DogCats will ever be possible, making it one of our most limited Fancy Cats to date.

  • All 88 DogCats were quickly bred.
  • 16 special Exclusive Golden DogCats have also been minted. Eight of these DogCats have been distributed to the top crypto-influencers in China.
  • The remaining eight will be given away through community events throughout the year.

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You can also get a gorgeous golden DogCat in the marketplace.