What’s up?

  • 625K tokens that were locked up for a year were sold ahead of time. Tokens lost 50% of its value leaving investors angry (see details in Russian: 1, 2)
  • In summer 2018 4 key personalities (ex-CTO Denis Khoruzhiy, ex-BANKEX Foundation Development Leader Alexander Vlasov, ex-CEO of the BANKEX Foundation Petr Korolev, ex-head of Bankex Lab Vitaly Dubinin) left the company and founded a new venture — Matter. As of December 2018, Bankex website still lists Denis Khoruzhiy as one of CTOs),

Key personalities


Founder and CEO — Igor Khmel
Co-founder & COO — Dmitry (Dima) Dolgov
CCO — Syed Hussain
CFO — Andrei Gunin
CTO — Igor Gulamov
ex-Chief Strategy Officer — Constantine Kurbatoff(also mentioned as Kurbatov)


Sergey Sergienko — founder of Chronobank
Nehemia Kramer
Gabriele Columbro — Executive Director at Symphony Software Foundation
David Wachsman — Founder at Wachsman PR
Chris Skinner — Chairman, The Financial Services Club
Peter Cramton — Professor of Economics at University of Maryland

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