Chromaway, Chromapolis

What’s up?

Based on the publication of Crypto Narnia channel (in Russian), August 2018:

  • conflicts among advisors about public pool (they actually turned out to be not advisors),
  • Colored Coin started in 2012, its milestones (smart contracts) are not reached, Coinprism exchange that was opened in 2014 was shut down in 2018,
  • the team declares in needs postchain for full launch but nothing happens during last 9 months,
  • a clear statement that the only completion of their platform matters, rather than anything else (including investors’ interests)

Key personalities


Co-founder & CEO — Henrik Hjelte,
Co-founder & COO — Or Perelman,
Co-founder and CTO — Alex Mizrahi


Vinny Lingham — Co-founder & CEO of Civic,
Charlie Lee —founder of Litecoin,
Yiseul Cho — venture partner at FBG Capital, founder and organizer of Hyperledger London, Managing Director at Zen9
Danny Yang — founder of BlockSeer and Maicoin

Links and profiles

ICO website
Corporate website