CryptoBazar Fund

What’s up?

Based on website analysis (in Russian) of Artem Bobrov and the article (in Russian) of Michael Zhuhovistky:

  • selective use of data on successful projects that has no connection with the fund at the website,
  • wild commissions and other terms of investment,
  • unconfirmed declarations of cooperation with SEC, MAS and FINMA,
  • the declaration that the fund raises money for projects while denying to stipulate which ones,
  • sexist and misogynic contest Miss Blockchain-2017 by the fund (the report in Russian),
  • active pitching of SandCoin (стоимость токена также упала, в 10 раз),
  • hidden conflict of interests (the fund actively draw attention to the fact the their events are visited by investors of big institutions, e.g. ATON Capital, not presenting the fact, that Alim Bitokov of ATON Capital is an advisor of the fund).

Key personalities

Co-founder —Andrey Yudin,
Co-founder — Oleg Ivanov,
Advisor — Alim Bitokov, Vice-President of ATON Capital Partners

Links and profiles