Datecoin is a token for “Denim” app of the Zolushka project.

What’s up?

Based on the publication of Alex Gryatskikh (in Russian), April 2018:

  • declarations of high income and profits, returned investments, “Denim is a leader at the Russian market”,
  • no ICO by any better known competitor (Tinder, Badoo, Pure, Down, Happn)
  • plans of up to $200M in income and up to 20M users,
  • blockchain, neural networks, machine sight, semantic machine analysis, big data and artificial intelligence SIMULTANEOUSLY

Key personalities


Founder, CEO — Nikita Anufriev
Co-founder & investment director — Aleksey Sinitsin
СТО & Chief crypto officer — Maksim Kozlov


Dina Vukmanovic — attorney
Greg Thain — entrepreneur and investor
Alexander Shulgin — GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA, Rasia Capital,
Ken Tachibana — FutureSmartTech,
Emi Wada — Executive Director of Crypto Research Co.,
Jason Hung — co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox,
Gene Massey — CEO of MediaShares,
Stan Milc — Co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners,
Greg Limon — founder of Canada Capital Group Inc., co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners, 
Seul Lee — Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ATARAD,
Kate Korolkevic — Galatea Capital Advisors,
Yuto Abe — blogger,
Jay Lee — Executive Vice Chairman, Korea Marketing Association,
Kent Kim — Amble, Dragon forum,
Xiaochen Zhang — FinTech4Goods,
IK Song — founder of Hotfund Investment Advisory,
Wang Qin — CEO of Overseas Blockchain,
Kimberly Lin — CEO of TheBlock Co., Ltd

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